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Healthy Vegan Wedding Cake at Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding (PHOTO)

Chelsea Clinton wedding cake was delicious and nutritious. Although some thought that Chelsea’s cake came from the Lulu bakery, the cake actually came from La Tulipe. It was a Vegan dessert, meaning that even the healthiest of wedding guests could indulge without even the tiniest bit of guilt.  Actually, I can’t see how anyone would feel guilty eating cake at one of THE BIGGEST weddings of the century.

You can visit La Tulipe here and see just what kind of treats that they make.  We can only imagine how beautiful the Chelsea Clinton wedding cake could have been. However, we haven’t been able to locate a picture of THE cake. However, there are plenty of examples of different La Tulipe creations.

Given that Chelsea wore a Vera Wang gown and had a cake made by this bakery, we can see that she had the best of every detail all the way around.

    2 Responses to “Healthy Vegan Wedding Cake at Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding (PHOTO)”

    1. RSutterby says:

      How does taking out the butter, milk, and eggs make cake nutritious? It still has sugar and oil . . . and the icing would have to be powdered sugar and shortening.

      • Gluten-free girl says:

        How? First, vegetable oil is much lower in saturated fat than animal products, and second, gluten-free flour alternatives are higher in protein than wheat flour. As far as the sugar goes, well…. sugar in and of itself isn’t nearly as harmful as foods that have a high fat content (like butter, milk, and eggs). I’m sure the weddings guests burned off enough calories on the dance floor to account for their extra sugar intake. The only time that sugar is harmful to an individual is when they have trouble processing that sugar. In fact, some experts argue that you are better off eating the real thing than sugar alternatives because then your body can make an appropriate response in insulin production (rather than producing insulin that it doesn’t actually need for fake-sugar)….. or so they say…