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Was Alicia Keys’ Wedding Better than Chelsea Clinton’s? PICTURES

Singer Alicia Keys married Swizz Beatz, most likely capitalizing on the fact that the world would be centered on Chelsea

Clinton’s wedding, and so she and her DJ husband would have a (semi) private affair.  The bride wore a beautiful one shoulder gown, and Swizz Beatz wore a white tux, rose colored shirt, with bow tie.  It was hard to pick out who was the more fashion forward member of the bridal party!

Like Chelsea Clinton, Alicia Keys wore a Vera Wang wedding gown.  After this weekend’s weddings, little girls all over the world will be dreaming of the day they marry their prince charming – whether he be a DJ spinning tunes or a Wall Street banker – wearing their very own Vera gown.

Choosing between the two wedding gowns, I would have to say that Alicia Keys’s gown fits my personal style better, although Chelsea Clinton’s gown was very formal and exquisite.  Both women gave the fashion circles much to debate over the next few days.

Here are some photos. Which wedding do you think was better and why? Which wedding would you have rather attended?

    8 Responses to “Was Alicia Keys’ Wedding Better than Chelsea Clinton’s? PICTURES”

    1. reallyrogue says:

      I’ll pick Chelsea’s dress … I don’t need room for a baby bump cuz I’m not pregnant. Is this the fashion trend … maternity wedding gowns?

    2. T C Major says:

      Both ladies were beautiful brides and both gowns sensational, BUT surely there was a style more flattering to their individual bodies. I did not feel the gowns were as flattering as they could have been on these lovely ladies. It was as if they picked what was fashionable as this time rather than staying true to what was most flattering to them as individuals.

    3. Soror1908 says:

      First…each day was equally beautiful and special to the newlyweds regardless of whom the public may decide had the prettiest dress, flowers, best food or spent the most money! The wedding were planned and designed to be particularly special to the ones now celebrating wedded bliss, thereby making them incomperable one to another……

      Congratulation Soror Alicia! Congratulations as well to you too Chelsea! May both of of you be as happy as you were on your wedding day times 2 with every passing day of your new lives til death does you part!

    4. Iryn maks says:

      Damn…..the pics r hawt!!

    5. sha says:

      i dont think chelsea looked half as beautiful as alicia chelsea looks just as she does everyday plain

    6. sha says:

      chelsea’s dress was beautiful it would look better on some1 else

    7. Aaliyah says:

      I chelsea’s dress was ok. But nothing ever can top Alicia I am 12 and I just love her!.! Congats Alicia!