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Sony PlayStation PS3 Update 3.41: Release Date, Features, New Store Upgrade

The Sony PlayStation PS3 update 3.41 is fizzling instead of sizzling with the gamers.  Although they are a tough crowd to please,playstation3 tournaments 255x300 Sony PlayStation PS3 Update 3.41: Release Date, Features, New Store Upgrade we have to agree that there’s nothing just drop-your-jaw awesome about the newest update to the PS3 gaming console.  For the most part, update 3.41 adds recommend features to the online store as well as adds recommended products to the store as well.

Both features are fine, but gamers want things like cross-voice chat and improvements to downloading games and even playing games.

The console will now wake itself up, update itself and go back to sleep for further upgrades.  This could be disconcerting to some, who want more control over their gaming console.  There’s no word as to whether or not you can turn this feature off, although that would be beneficial to add.

In addition to the latest PS3 3.41 update, Sony is also issuing a security patch update to their PSP console.  This is just to fix some minor details in the PSP firmware. There’s no new features to report on that.

As far as an official release date, it has already been released. The reviews are mixed, but there really wasn’t a big addition to this upgrade that really blew people out of the water.

    3 Responses to “Sony PlayStation PS3 Update 3.41: Release Date, Features, New Store Upgrade”

    1. Chris says:

      You can turn the auto update off, what you fail to understand is that the auto download function is only avalible to Playstation Plus subscribers. I hate these sites that just copy poor news without first looking into them.

    2. nick says:

      What you fail to understand is nobody gives a damn about this update or who can utilise its new “features” or not, its barely worth mentioning let alone creating. what they need to be doing is working on the problems that we the gamers, consumers, and life blood of the company have been requesting fixes for.

    3. Alexis says:

      I received mine for free anyayws, so I don’t have to lose PTO from work to wait in the cold weather for something that people without morals are going to sell anyayws. I’d wait in line for a million bucks, but not sure about some people’s mentality. Just like being first at the lunch line .. I played games on a PS3 development kit at work (EA Sports) over a year ago and was impressed with it. Only thing is that it did not look anything like the final release. Looked like a tan PC tower with a PSP hanging out for a controller. Graphics were cool and game play fantastic, even for beta games. I got my PS3 free from my landlord who works for Sony in Foster City, CA three days ago and am impressed! It’s a great investment!


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