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Playboy’s Tess Taylor Naked In Shower Photo Shoot — By ‘Pretty Wild’ Mom

Tess Taylor, star of the reality show “Pretty Wild” on E! Television has managed to get her naked image captured again – this time in a set of shower pictures, and this time not with a bong in her hand.  In what may be one of the strangest photo shoots ever, the 20-year-old reality show star was photographed naked by her adopted mother after taking a shower.  Not only was she captured in the pictures taken by Andrea Arlington, a former Playboy model herself, Playboy Cyber Girl of the Year 2010 Tess Taylor was captured on video as well.  It was the opening sequence in a recent episode of “Pretty Wild.”

Events transpired like this:  Playboy model Tess Taylor was taking a shower and, upon completion, found she had no towel.  She called for her mother, Andrea Arlington, to bring her one.  While drying off, mother and daughter begin talking about what perfect breasts Tess Taylor has.  Gabrielle Neiers, Andrea’s 16-year-old daughter is called in, they discuss Tess Taylor’s perfect breasts some more, then decide to get a camera and take pictures of the still naked, still in the bathroom Tess Taylor.  Andrea Arlington and Gabrielle Neiers set up a quick photo shoot in the bathroom.

Pretty wild, to say the least.

The eyebrow-raising bathroom photo shoot comes close on the heels of the photo scandal of Tess Taylor being photographed topless with a bong in hand (posted on, which was immediately followed by pictures of Tess Taylor allegedly smoking black tar heroin (which were also on The Dirty website), and then another picture of Tess Taylor drinking beer (not so terrible, except that the Playboy model is on 20 and under the legal drinking age — and, again, on The Dirty).  The posting of the pictures set off a side scandal where The Dirty was issued a cease and desist letter and the website simply refused to take down the topless pictures.

And then the Playboy Cyber Girl of the Year gets naked for her “Pretty Wild” reality show.  Not just topless, either.  Topless and bottomless.

Making the photo shoot a family affair, including 16-year-old Gabrielle Neiers, mom Andrea Arlington, and no visible drugs or bongs should go a long way in fixing that tarnished image.

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    1. lisa hartley says:

      I tried to be nice to Gabrielle and ask for a pic for my daughter thru the fb profiles. There was a fake person pretending to be her so I questioned another friend on her site. I waa called a stalker and gabrielle has cussed me out and called me all kinds of names she is not the good girl she pretends to b e on tv

    2. lisa hartley says:

      Isn’t this underage girl taking oictures of someone nude illegal??? I would think so and the child welfare should investigate them

    3. mc says:


    4. ugh says:

      what is wrong with Tess Taylor’s belly button??