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“Real Housewives” Kelly Bensimon Has Mental Breakdown, Or Just An Act?

In what can only be described as one of the strangest episodes of any show to ever appear on national television, Kelly Bensimon seemed to have some type of mental breakdown during the filming of “The Real Housewives of New York City.”  The reality show episode aired Thursday evening and people can’t stop talking about the bizarre (read: crazy, insane, loco) behavior exhibited by the former Playboy model turned author and editor Kelly Bensimon.  She told fellow castmate Alex McCord that she was channeling the devil.  At one point, in an apparent fit of paranoia, Bensimon walked into a room full of the Housewives and told them if they had a complaint, to write it down and put it in a box (she supplied the notepad).  But the one overriding concern of Kelly Bensimon’s that has the blogosphere chattering is her insistence throughout the episode that pregnant Bethenny Frankel was trying to kill her.  Were these signs of a breakdown?  Or were the former Playboy model’s histrionics an act?

The latest “The Real Housewives of New York City” episode was set around Ramona Singer’s “non-bachelorette party.”  Kelly Bensimon kept carping on Bethenny Frankel’s preparation of the food, even going so far as to note that Frankel, famous for being a natural foods expert and entrepreneur, was not a chef but a cook (because chefs work in restaurants, according to Bensimon).  Frankel left the room crying after Bensimon’s first remark.

When Bethenny Frankel presented all the women with gift bags, Kelly Bensimon seemed to go berserk.  She claimed she was scared, that Bethenny Frankel was trying to kill her.  She even called Jill Zarin, who was still in the city, to stay away from Frankel.  Zarin would later admit that Bensimon’s rant was mostly incoherent.

The sounds of a crazy woman?

Thousands of blogs and articles have since been written about the former Playboy model’s behavior, all with the overriding theme of debating whether or not the Housewife had actually gone crazy, had a breakdown or psychotic break, or was simply playing to the cameras.  Be prepared to see Kelly Bensimon the topic of many articles and radio and talk show forums for the next few weeks.  And you know Dr. Drew Pinsky and Dr. Phil will be weighing in…

    5 Responses to ““Real Housewives” Kelly Bensimon Has Mental Breakdown, Or Just An Act?”

    1. Sanel In the Lane says:

      Kelli Bensimon makes me sick. She is a no-talent and contributes nothin to the show. Her only claim to fame, if you want to call it that, is her amazonian stature. She looks like a man. She has really cheezy skin. I can’t figure out why Playboy had her pose, except that she’s a freak of nature and perhaps they thougth that would sell magazines. She’s not bright. She’s not pretty. She has no redeeming qualitites. Ugh.

    2. Allison says:

      kelly is either on drugs or plain and simply just a nut I hate the way she blames the other ladies for her issues! she started the evil comments first with Bethany every one witnessed it! get real crazy kelly!

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