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Grammy Awards 2010 Red Carpet Best Dressed

Grammy Awards 2010 red carpet best dressed are going to be popular.  The best dressed on the 2010 Grammy Awards red carpet will be the talk of the fashion world for a couple of days.  Even though the red carpet is far from over, let’s take a look at some of the best dressed stars so far.

Mario Lopez graced the red carpet wearing a grey suit with a black shirt underneath.  This compliments his complexion very well. He will most definitely make the best dressed male list for the Grammy Awards 2010.

Adam Lambert will also be someone that is talked about for the 2010 Grammy Awards red carpet.  A fashion consultant for tonight’s show, Lambert promises to “be nice.”  Let’s just hope all the other red carpet critics pay him the same respects.

Other stars and personalities to grace the red carpet thus far include Jersey Shore’s Snooki (who appears as if she was poured in to her dress), Lady Gaga (wearing some sort of spaceship looking attire -which looks great on Gaga but wouldn’t work on anyone else), and Marissa Miller. Miller’s dress is very short, but flatters her frame very well.

The 52nd annual Grammy Awards will begin to air in the Eastern and Central time zones in about 30 minutes.  Stay tuned for further updates.

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Man Babies Creepy or Cool? (PICTURES)

Man Babies…creepy or cool? As if we didn’t have any more useless ways to spend our time, Man Babies popped up.  The basic premise of is to take pictures of men with babies, and then swap their heads out.  Sounds creepy, doesn’t it?

Some think that Man Babies are rather cool.  This is apparent through a review of their Web site, which allows viewers to vote on pictures that were submitted.  Like the picture you see? Click it.  I have embedded a Man Baby picture below.

So what do you think about that giant baby girl head cropped onto a man’s body, and a very small Wee-Man looking baby in a carrier? My vote? Kind of creepy.

Right now, 68 people disagree with me – they like the picture below.

If you are really bored and have some pictures of a man with a baby, take a day off work and crop the picture to swap their heads out, and submit it to the site.  Then, wait and see if people admire your work.

Like the People of Walmart Web site, people are coming out with curious ways to stay entertained online, and Man Babies is only the latest craze.

Leave your comments about man babies below.

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Best Eyeshadow Colors For Brown Eyes

Selecting the right eyeshadow color can be very challenging. The good thing about having brown eyes is that your options are limitless. Unlike blue and green eyes, you can wear just about any color of eyeshadow and get away with it if you have brown eyes.  Here are some of the different eyeshadow shades which are the most suitable choice for brown eyes, however.


Believe it or not, one of the best shades of eyeshadow for someone with brown eyes to wear is brown. One of the main keys to choosing the right eye shade of brown is taking a closer look at what your eye color is. If you have really dark brown eyes, you would benefit most from wearing a lighter shade of brown. Those with light brown eyes will look best with dark brown eyeshadow. Gold, beige, and bronze are all colors to consider. Also be sure to look for metallic shades of brown, as they tend to look best on those with brown eyes.


Another eye shadow color which seems to complement those with brown eyes very well is green. Green eyeshadow can really bring out the lighter specks in your eyes. This is why it is a great option for those who have hazel eyes as well. Opting for a darker shade of green eye shadow, rather than a lime green, is the best way to go for a sexy and natural look. Note that green eyeshadow is a particularly good choice for people with brown eyes and darker skin.


Charcoal, grays, whites, and blacks are eyeshadow colors that look good on just about everyone, but particularly good on those with brown eyes. The smoky eye makeup technique looks great when it is done with these colors on people who have brown eyes. You can’t go wrong when using these colors of eyeshadow, regardless of what shade of brown your eyes are!


Depending on your skin color, purple can be a great eyeshadow color choice for those with brown eyes. It tends to be an excellent option for those who have light or medium skin tones. Be careful if you have darker skin tones, however. While purple eyeshadow can still look good on you, it is important to conscious of what shades to choose. Very dark and very light purples are not the best choice.

Now that you know what colors look great with brown eyes, it is important to be aware of what colors don’t look the best with them. You will want to stay away from shades of red and orange. Blue is also not the best eyeshadow color choice for people with brown eyes.

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Mary J. Blige, Andrea Bocelli’s Grammy/Haiti Relief ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ On iTunes

Nine-time Grammy winner Mary J. Blige and world-renowned pop tenor Andrea Bocelli will join forces and perform live together in a special fund-raising segment for Haiti relief at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards, according to

Mary J. Blige

The once-in-a-lifetime performance (audio and video) of the Simon & Garfunkel classic “Bridge Over Troubled Water” will be made available for download at following the telecast.  All proceeds will go to the American Red Cross, benefiting ongoing earthquake relief efforts in Haiti.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” receiving Grammy Awards for Record Of The Year, Album Of The Year, and Song Of The Year.  The song will provide a moving tribute to the survivors of the tragic events in Haiti, according to

The 52nd Annual Grammy Awards will air on Sunday live at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

You can find the download of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” by Mary J. Blige and Andrea Bocelli for Haiti relief (after the Grammy telecast) at (NOTE: You may have to download iTunes to your PC).

Also, check out the following related stories:

2010 Grammy Awards To Include Michael Jackson Tribute

Fans Can Download ‘Hope For Haiti Now’ Music on iTunes

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2010 Grammy Awards To Include Michael Jackson Tribute

The 52nd Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday night will include a special tribute to the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson

Jackson has been honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award Grammy. His two older children, Prince Michael, 12, and Paris, 11, are scheduled to accept the award on their father’s behalf.

A tribute for Jackson will include a 3-D film clip that he made before his death in June, according to reports. Performers for the Jackson tribute include Smokey Robinson, Usher, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson, and Celine Dion.

The 2010 Grammy Awards will air live on CBS on Sunday at 8 p.m. (ET).

Also, read more about a special tribute at the Grammy Awards for the victims of the Haiti earthquake by Mary J. Blige and Andrea Bocelli.

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Miss America Pageant 2010 and a Controversial Judge

Miss America Pageant 2010 has a unique and controversial judge.  Miss America Pageant 2010 has 7  judges, one of which is Rush Limbaugh.  Yup, you got it – the conservative radio show host that everyone loves to hate is going to be a Miss America Pageant 2010 judge.

Although Rush Limbaugh as a judge is a little strange, I can see why he would jump at the opportunity.  He’s critical, and he’s against feminism.  He once said something to the effect that feminism was created so that unattractive women would have access to certain parts of society.

So now, Rush Limbaugh will be charged with judging scantily clad and sometimes “lofty” women and figuring out which ones “deserve” a scholarship. He will get to point out cosmetic flaws and criticize what the girls say.

Sounds like it will be right up his alley.

The Miss American 2010 Pageant happens tonight, so be sure to stay tuned to find out who your next Miss America winner will be.

Let’s just hope that the Miss America pageant 2010 winner this year will be a little more charming and charismatic than Carrie Prejean.  Hopefully the pageant won’t ask the women to delve into deep philosophical and political debates.

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Phil Mickelson “Affairs” Add to Tiger Woods Infidelities

Phil Mickelson Affairs (at least alleged affairs) add to golf infidelities.  Phil Mickelson affairs are only one way that Mickelson competes with golf star Tiger Woods.  You see – both have a “love hate” relationship and are strong competitors. It looks like now they both could be (alleged) cheaters.

Phil Mickelson cheating rumors aren’t the sexual kind at all.  The golfer was accused of cheating because he used some sort of wedge golf club that is now banned by the PGA.  However, only wedges made after a certain date are banned, and anything made before they were banned are fair game.  Turns out that Phil Mickelson’s wedge was made before the ban was in place, so he’s good.

I also read an interesting blog post that claims that a “news” source indicated that Tiger Woods had an alleged affair with Phil Mickelson.  I give as much credence to the report as I would a report of a gorilla giving birth to a human, but it just goes to show just how wild the Tiger Woods rumors have gotten.

The “source” claims that “the affair began after Woods caught a glimpse of Mickelson’s naked body in the locker room at the Augusta National Golf Club following his 2002 Masters victory. The two men allegedly had a tongue-and-cheek discussion and the next thing you know, the two were romping around in the sheets.”

Yup. If you believe this story, then I have some great beachfront property in Arizona to sell you.

The alleged Phil Mickelson affair is a juicy story, to say the least – but I wouldn’t chalk it up to anything serious.  After all – Phil Mickelson hardly fits Tiger’s MO of a young, perky, cocktail waitress.  Both Mickelson and Woods (understandably) denied the claims.

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Senior Bowl 2010 Update And Online Streaming

Senior Bowl 2010 update and online streaming.  First, what is the Senior Bowl 2010? The Senior Bowl is a fun game where players from the draft class play a very fun-filled game.  For many of these seniors, it is the last time that they can show recruiters their stuff before the draft starts in April.

The Senior Bowl 2010 is on TV, but it’s being shown on the NFL network, which most likely means you won’t be able to see it unless you purchase the channel.  But have no fear. There are places online you can go to watch the Senior Bowl 2010 live stream.  Because I have not personally tested out any streams, I won’t link to individual streams out there – I don’t want you to accidentally get a computer virus!

The 2010 Senior Bowl started at 4:00 EST.  The game is still going on, and no winners have been announced.  However, the game should be ending pretty soon as it has been going on for two hours now. 

For those that are watching the 2010 Senior Bowl, please leave your updates in the comments section.  For those of you who haven’t watched the game, leave your thoughts below.

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Shaun White Crash Video And Gold Medal (CRASH VIDEO HERE)

Shaun White crash video and an Olympic gold medal.  Shaun White’s crash video has received a lot of buzz, particularly because the crash was worse than it appeared.  Shaun White was attempting a maneuver on a half pipe when his helmet flew off and then he crashed.  Despite his crash, he still finished with his third gold medal at the Winter X Games.

The Shaun White crash video is likely popular for the same reason that many crash videos are popular – we like to see what happens when people take risks.  Shaun White is no sissy, and he takes a big risk every time he steps out there to snow board.

The end of the story is very fortunate. Watch the Shaun White crash video below and you will see that the ending could have been very tragic.  Without a helmet and at the rate of speed he was going, White could have paralyzed himself – or worse yet killed himself.

He’s also lucky that the crash happened during a practice run.  Had it happened when it counted, Shaun White probably wouldn’t have walked away with his gold medal.

Shaun White said the following after the crash “I knew in my mind that I wanted to do it, no matter what happened even if I was in first. That trick’s just a beast of its own. I don’t know, some days are just tougher than others, I guess. I was glad to put it down tonight.”

Watch the video below.  What are your thoughts? Leave your comments about the Shaun White crash video.

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Greg Oden Leaked Photos Are Available? Nekkid Pictures Leaked Online

Greg Oden leaked photos are available? Sexy nude leaked photos of Greg Oden are allegedly retreivable online.  The Greg Oden nude photos have been the subject of a massive internet buzz, as the star became the latest person to have a nude photo scandal.

The funny thing about Greg Oden’s leaked photos is that he took them himself.  There he stood – in front of the mirror – in all his nekkid glory – and took photos of himself.


Okay, I can understand this. People do it all the time – take nude photos and send them to their significant others to enjoy.  However, Greg Oden forgot one thing that many people forget when they do this.  What happens when you tick the person you sent the naked photos off?

Voila! We have the Greg Oden leaked photos scandal.

CURIOUS? Click here for more Greg Oden Nude Photo Info

Curious? Well, you can go to TechBanyan and view the photos yourself – they are in a video format.  As they are actually nude photos, I haven’t linked to the actual Greg Oden Leaked photos.

Now, nude photos of females are typically the ones that are leaked.  However, every once and a while these photos will surface – presumably to allow the woman to gain fame.

Now, we have Greg Oden’s leaked photos. If you’re curious, go see them sooner rather than later.  Chances are Oden’s legal team will have them pulled eventually.

For those that are curious, chances are Greg Oden’s lawyers will be able to get the photos pulled.

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