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Streaming Halloween Music and Scary Halloween Videos

Happy Halloween

Streaming Halloween music and scary halloween videos

The kids are trick or treating and you are enjoying Halloween night with friends.  Halloween streaming music is perfect for your party, or you can play scary Halloween videos to set the right mood.  Here are a few sites that play Halloween music, spooky sounds, and Halloween videos.  You can play them during your party tonight:

Here is a fun site that has streaming Halloween music and Halloween videos (Monster Mash, Werewolves of London, Thriller, Jeepers Creepers, etc.)

Mahalo Halloween Videos, Pictures and Music

AOL and CBS Radio have a combined site that offers live streaming holiday music that is sure to be a hit

Player Play it has live streaming Halloween music

This site has a variety of stations you can choose from that play spooky sounds and streaming music (and if you choose to play it through your own player and have iTunes…it will play through that).

About Radio Stations

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No Ceilings Official Mixtape has been leaked

Lil Wayne has hundreds of unreleased songs, but songs from his forthcoming No Ceilings Mixtape have been leaked.

Last week on the day that Lil Wayne pled guilty to a gun possession charge in New York, his song fell to number two.

A few weeks ago, Young Money crew member and Wayne’s close friend Mack Maine told mixtape Daily that No Ceilings was almost finished.

“On his birthday, he said, ‘Everyone else is putting out mixtapes, so I gotta show them that I still got it,’ ” Mack Maine said. “And he also said that a lot of beats are coming out that he likes, so, you know, once that happens, he’s gotta put out his own versions to the beats he likes. It’s not fair. It’s not necessary, to me. Like, what are you trying to prove? Let these little dudes have their lane for a few, man. He’s about to come and smash people’s albums.”

Mack has tweeted that the mixtape was finished, but he didn’t announce when it was coming out. Some of the songs have been leaked online, just three days before the scheduled release.

Listen to the No Ceilings Mixtape songs here on Dat Piff

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Last Minute Halloween Costume: Easy Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Last minute Halloween costumes are necessary.  Last minute Halloween costumes for Halloween are perfect for procrastinators.  What kind of last minute Halloween costumes can you find? If you are lucky, your local Halloween store may have something interesting for you to wear.  Chances are, however, that you will have to come up with a home-made alternative.

What kind of last minute Halloween costumes can you make? Look around. If you have a brown Snuggie, throw that on.  Wear a rope around your waist, carry around a Bible, and if you can find a large cross necklace, wear that.  You are now a medieval monk.

Do you have a clear plastic bag, some balloons, and a pair or red tights? If so, a great last minute Halloween costume is to go dress as a bag of jelly beans.  Cut slits in the bag for your arms and legs.  Blow up colorful balloons and place them in the bag.  Secure the bag loosely around your  neck using clear packaging tape.  This will hold it closed enough where the bag won’t slip down your neck.

Another great last minute Halloween costume is to dress as the Bride of Frankenstein. Have a wedding gown you don’t want or need? Throw it on! If you don’t care to ruin the dress, pick up some fake blood and bloody that dress up for a super scary Bride of Frankenstein. IF you can’t find fake blood, use red Kool-aid.  For last minute Halloween costumes, you really need to improvise.

Next year, don’t wait until the last minute to find the perfect Halloween costume.  Last minute Halloween costumes are a lot of fun to create, but finding the perfect ideas with material to pull it off can be difficult, at best.

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Trick or Treat Times 2009



Happy Halloween

Trick or treating is fun for kids and they truly look forward to it every year. They love dressing up and showing off, but most of all they love the candy. Trick or treating usually starts early for the youngest kids around 6 pm, and the kids who are a little older may start around 7 pm, and the oldest kids (and adults!) usually go around 8 pm.


Malls are generally good places to get a lot of candy in a short period of time, indoor malls are great on nights that are cold.

Tips for trick or treating are:

If someone’s porch light is on this means they have a lot of candy to give out. If the porch light is out they are either not home or out of candy. Each child usually takes one or two pieces of candy.

The kids should have some type of reflective clothing on either on their person or on their trick or treat bag.

If you are giving out candy, it is best to have individually wrapped pieces and do not give out homemade food items. Parents have to be careful about what their children are consuming and that it is safe. And parents will not let their children eat homemade food unless they know you.

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Trick or Treat Times 2009: Trick or Treat Times are Different by Location

Trick or treat times 2009 are exciting, as trick or treaters get ready to trick or treat tonight. Trick or treat time 2009 vary by location, as each city has its own schedule and own traditions.  However, for the most part many trick or treat times are the same: beginning between 5 pm and 6 pm and extending to 8 pm to 9 pm.  Some neighborhoods that have Home Owner’s Associations have set their own times that differ from the city’s main time.

Trick or treat times 2009 are actually better than most years, as the holiday falls on a weekend.  This is great for parents that don’t like keeping their sugar-loaded children up late on a school night.  After chowing down on hundreds of packets of trick-or-treating loot, at least tomorrow children can rest their little tummies and keep from getting sick.

If you are searching for trick or treat times 2009, chances are you are going to take your children trick-or-treating tonight.  IF you are taking your children trick-or-treating, make sure to follow some important safety protocol:

1) Put reflective tape on the back of your child’s costume. This will help drivers spot your children walking down the road.

2) Go with your child trick-or treating. If you do not personally go, have them go with a trustworthy adult.

3) Inform your child not to eat anything that is not in a wrapper.  If they want to be polite, they can accept the item but then promptly throw it away.

4) Check your child’s candy to see if wrappers are intact.  IF any candy is opened, throw it away.

5) Do not allow your child to go inside of anyone’s house. If invited in, inform them to decline and run away if necessary.

Trick or treat times 2009 are bound to be a lot of fun.  Kids love receiving candy, just as adults love handing it out to all those adorable kids in costumes.  Stay safe and double check times with your local media and you should have a great time trick-or-treating this year.

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Hammacher Schlemmer Digital Photo Converter

Holiday season is about to begin and if you have already started your search for some of the best deals out there, Hammacher Schlemmer Digital Photo Converter is the best that you can potentially find in the markets today.

The good news is that this particular deal is being offered for upto 40% of discount. But look at the personal and emotional value of this product. The Hammacher Schlemmer Digital Photo Converter allows a person to easily convert their photographs into digital images to be preserved for years to come. Isn’t that awesome?!

The best place to buy Hammacher Schlemmer Digital Photo Converter is of course Amazon and I say this without any shade of doubt. Amazon is a reliable marketplace online and you can buy from there without any hesitation.


Hammacher Schlemmer works with your standard Windows XP operating system without any glitch and I know it works with Vista as well. I am not sure what the status is with the new Windows 7. You should be able to simply plug and play using the USB port.

The Hammacher Schlemmer Digital Photo Converter can be had from Amazon for an amazing price.

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Elvira Pictures: Awesome Elvira Pictures and Elvira’s History

Elvira pictures are sexy. Elvira pictures are a Halloween favorite, as Elvira pictures help those dressing as Elvira tonight for many Halloween parties put together the perfect Halloween costume.

Elvira is the “hostess with the mostess” that hosted the 1980s TV show Movie Macabre.  In this TV show, Elvira mocked bad horror films and even made many comments about her big chest.

Elvira is the alter-ego of actress Cassandra Peterson. Her Elvira character was very successful, and while many tried to mimic Movie Macabre, none had the same success.  Movie Macabre became syndicated and Elvira became a popular household name.

I don’t know what’s more alluring about Elvira pictures – her cleavage or her big hair.  Perhaps it’s her gothic makeup, but then again it could be her long, black nails or her long dress with a slit up the side.

Elvira pictures graced the big screen in movies such as the 1988 hit Elvira, Mistress of the Dark and 2001’s Elvira’s Haunted Hills.

Elvira is also successful. She was the first spokeswoman for a beer company, the first person to create a 3-D music video, and is the #1 B-Movie queen.

During Halloween each and every year, people like to look at Elvira pictures.  The Elvira pictures show us a very unique Halloween character that has been very popular for the last 3 decades.

Want to see some Elvira Pictures? Here are some links:

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India Australia 3rd ODI Live Streaming

Every cricket fan worth his salt is looking for the India Australia 3rd ODI live streaming on the web. India has already lost 3 wickets and basically gave them away without much of a fight.

Even before the match I had already said it was going to be a low scoring match.The reason for this was that the pitch was a bowlers pitch and not a batting pitch.

Australians batted first and scored about 229 runs. From the Indian side Virendra Sehwag and Sachin Tendulkar who started Indian innings in the same fashion as they do. But fell down without scoring any runs.

Another good player who lined up the wickets was Gautam Gambhir and it is not for nothing that he is known as Mr Dependable but even he was not able to live up to his own reputation this time.

Sachin Tendulkar frankly needs to go. He should retire honorably and start a coaching school or something. By the time the twnety overs got finished, Indian was huffing and puffing to inch forward.

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Chaz and Chastity Bono pictures

Chaz Bono

Chaz Bono was Chastity Bono, and he just had gender reassignment surgery.  Chaz is the son of the late Sonny Bono and Cher.  In an Entertainment tonight interview, Chaz Bono, 40 said that he always felt male. 

For four years now, Chaz has been dating Jennifer Elia and said that he is happy that he can now have the sexual relationship they couldn’t have before.

Chaz told Entertainment Tonight, “I feel like I’m living in my body for the first time, and it feels really good,” he said.

Cher was in favor of the gender reassignment surgery and told People magazine, “The one thing that will never change is my abiding love for my child.”

Chastity Bono

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Oprah Payless Coupons

Oprah had designer Christian Siriano on her show yesterday and he has designed a line of shoes for Payless.  There is a coupon on Oprah’s website to receive 50% off everything in the store today at Payless…print out your coupon and get shopping. 

Or you can TEXT the OPRAHSHOW at  242424 and you will receive your coupon code digitally, then show your text in the store to get 50% off.   

Oprah Show Payless Coupon Link 

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