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Madoff Scandal > First Victim > De La Villehuchet

Rene Thierry Magon De La Villehuchet is the first victim of the Bernie aka Bernard Madoff billion plus dollar scam. This scandal is starting to read like a Jeffery Archer thriller. I am still trying to ascertain the cause of death, whether it was self inflicted, natural, or if one of the wronged groups/individual was behind it.

Further updates to  be added soon.


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Bethesda Water Main Break

Today the Bethesda, Maryland water main broke and this led to a whole lot of chaos and confusion. Not to mention endangering a lot of commuter lives who was there around the time of the incident.

Water Main Break

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Wade Rowland Sanders Saga

Wade Rowland Sanders was arrested and this news shocked the San Diego Community. Wade Rowland Sanders was a veteran activist and Vietnam War hero.

He was also a high ranking Navy officer during President Bill Clinton’s years in the White House.

Wade Rowland Sanders Story

When charged in the court of law about his crimes of possessing minors related felonious paraphernalia, Wade Rowland Sanders acknowledged in front of San Diego judge last May.

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Amy Freeze Fox News Chicago

Amy Freeze is presently employed by Fox News Chicago. She is their Chief Meteorologist. Freeze is quite an apt name for somebody hoping to make a career out of weather.

Amy Freeze past employer consist of names like NBC 10 Philadelphia but only has a layman meteorologist ect. Before starting the gig with Fox, Amy had done several stints with other channels as their fill in meteorologist etc.

Amy is in fact one of the very few women in the world with a Certified Broadcast Meteorology accreditation.

Amy’s background suggest she is a mormon for she graduated with honors from the BYU. Amy has studied outside the country as well, in Germany and South Africa.

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Mike Detjen Tribute

Matt gets emotional as he addresses the loss of family friend Mike Detjen.

I’m a fan of Little People Big World and usually watch it and this episode I just caught tonight was really sad when their friend Mike passed away….:( He seemed like a nice guy to everybody.

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Michael Jackson Dead

Is Michael Jackson Dead?

There are internet reports circulating that Michael Jackson died or is dying. People are burning up the internet searching for news report of Michael Jackson’s death.

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Brad Renfro Cause Of Death

The Los Angeles County Coroner has confirmed reports that Hollywood star Brad Renfro has died from an accidental overdose of heroin.

The exact cause of death has been medically reported as “acute heroin/morphine intoxication,” according to the medical services department. It was an accident. Its always an accident. Nobody wants to say at Brad or those before him wanted to deliberately inject themselves with the drug.

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On A Swing: Lana Lawless

There used to be a time in Golf that when somebody broke a leg playing, it used to become hot news. These days it takes a lot more to accomplish that. Take for instance what I am about to tell you, that would definitely raise the bar.

Meet Lana Lawless

Lana Lawless is the new women golfing champ, and brings a lot more to the game than just her fabulous swing. For Lana Lawless, who lives in Palm Springs, California, used to be a man before he under went a gender change operation and became a woman.

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Garth Defelice Socks Kenneth Darby

When you have an old referee standing in the midst of an American Football game, spectators usually focus solely on the muscular NFL players and look at the Ump only when there is an infraction or a foul. Well think about it, what if the poor ref gets hit by these muscular jocks? Whats going to happen to him?

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Black Sports Online Index 2009 RLJ Backup Darby

Check out the black Sports Online pick up their NFL teams in the video below:

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