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Rise Of Drugs And HIV Cases In Karachi Pakistan

It has been reported by the Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) in Karachi that there are more than fifty drug trafficking networks operating in Karachi. These networks have targetted poverty stricken women and young children to carry drugs from one country to another. These networks have use a cunning way to conceal the drugs being carried by inserting them inside the body. This makes it easier to travel to the airport since there are no special machineries to x-ray human bodies for drugs.

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Mumbai Under Siege: Hemant Karkare Dead

Mumbai is under siege and it seems like gangs of terrorists have take over the city. There are crazy reports of attacks from every corner and people are scared.

Below is the excerpt from a leading Indian newspaper about the news.

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Brenda Jean Dolenz Helmer

Brenda Jean Dolenz Helmer is a resident of Fort Worth, Texas, and is among those pardoned by the outgoing president. She had entered a guilty plea in the case and had got four years probation and somewhat about 600 hours of community service.

After reading about Ms Helmer’s case, I am actually glad that President Bush took this decision. I would have done the same. Ms Helmer said she was really praying and hoping for a presidential pardon for, guess what, almost a decade, so as to enable her to continue dental missionary work. She had been engaged in community service even before the verdict.

Check out the pardon of another fella here – This guy killed a couple of bald eagles using pesticide. No kidding. – Click Here.

Correction: The earlier draft posted was incorrect and Ms Helmer wrote to me pointing it out. This is the updated draft. I would like to thank Ms Helmer for her time and patience in writing to me.

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Leslie Owen Collier

Leslie Owen Collier is one of the individuals to have been pardoned by Bush. Well thats one of the key jobs (or perks) of outgoing Presidents. They take money from all these individuals and grant them presidential pardon.

Leslie Owen Collier was a farmer from Charleston, Mo who had pleaded guilty to killing some bald eagles and few other animals on his farm by using poisoned bait.

I am not sure who lobbied on his behalf but here it is. This guy is off the hook. I bet Leslie Owen Collier must be desperate for this President’s term to get over so he could ask for pardon.

But looking at the crowd which is is reading this article, is there something that you guys know about this Bald Eagle killer that I don’t?

Check out more on Leslie Owen Collier from here – CLICK HERE.

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Meijer 42 1080i GFM Plasma TV

Meijer 42 1080i GFM Plasma TV is a hot item this Thanksgiving black Friday. Usually people put off their big spending electronic purchases to Thanksgiving knowing that this is the best time for Rock bottom prices.

I will be listing out places where you can buy this TV for the best price.

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Sangala Africa

Whats the deal with Jack Bauer and the series he is starring in i.e. “24”. Why are people going nuts over this guy. I mean I have read the book and it was nothing close to Jason Bourne, another one of those Ludlum characters and the movie made this guy better. But C’mon Jack Bauer?

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Insignia NS DCC5HB

Insignia is an electronics company that I came to know about recently. I haven’t heard of them before so I was surprised to know about this brand.

By the media release and news, it is apparent that this is not some cheapskate company. Insignia has won a handful of recognition as well –

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Jeff Hardy Found Unconscious

WWE have posted a breaking post about Jeff Hardy. They are saying that Jeff Hardy was found unconscious in a stairwell of his hotel. Jeff Hardy is currently putting up in a hotel in Boston, MA.

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Lieutenant Robert Ryan Dead In Staten Island fire

A veteran FDNY lieutenant passed away this morning with his boots on. Lieutenant Robert Ryan was at the scene of a deadly fire when a ceiling collapsed on him during the rescue and douse mission as he battled a surging fire in a Staten Island home.

Lt. Robert Ryan’s mask and air supply were knocked off by the falling debris and sent him hurtling to the floor.

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Heart Attack Grill Arizona

Before I tell you about the infamous Tempe Arizona located Cafe/Restaurant called Heart Attack Grill, I want you to tell the moral of the story – There is nothing like bad publicity.

Ask any Hollywood agent about it and I am sure the smart ones would agree.

OK now lets proceed to the story of the day which has all the right ingredients for guys especially, starting with girls dressed up as Nurses serving food and menu looks something like – Flatliner Fries which are drenched in lard, and the Quadruple Bypass Burger which weighs over 2 and a half pounds and includes four layers of cheese and 12 slices of bacon.

Want to hook up with somebody like this? Check this out!

Jon Basso is the creative inclined owner of this fast food restaurant which initially decided using only the power of internet to advertise about its food chain. Heart Attack Grill came into being in the Jan of 2006 without much fan fare, no ribbon cutting and no local politician giving stump speeches. But what the owner did to take a short at being in the limelight, he dressed up his waitresses as Nurses and had food that a diet manager wouldn’t touch with a barge pole.

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