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Torture Devices From Spanish Inquisition

Not a comprehensive list but here are a few. I regard Spanish Inquisition as one of the most sickest periods of human habitation on Earth. The whole of Latin America lost its cultural roots and were supplanted by the European culture, language etc. Tribes from countries like Mexico, Brazil etc were completely wiped off and instead a new way of living was forcibly laid on top.

Below are some of the famous torture devices from during that period. These Spaniards were one of the most cruelest people of that time. Its truly despicable what they did in the name of religion.

Without much further ado, read on about the devices below:

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Studs Terkel Of Hard Times Is Dead

Pulitzer winner Studs Terkel, author of exert subject matter tomes and expert radio host whose oral histories chronicled the travails and triumphs of America’s working class, has died. He was 96 years old.

Terkel died today at his home in Chicago, his son, Dan Terkel, said in an interview. “He just went very quickly and was in no pain at all,” Dan Terkel said. “He lived a very long, full, satisfying though sometimes impetuous life.”

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Jennifer Hudson Latest News

Just few hours back, I heard on the TV that the gun used to murder Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother and young nephew has been found.

In the latest news concerning Jennifer Hudon and her family’s unfortunate saga, the weapon was found by a detective searching land close to where the body of seven-year-old Julian King was discovered in a car last weekend.

Police is not shying on committing resources to this case. They sent about 100 personnel to the area on the city’s West Side after the breakthrough. The weapon is being taken to the Illinois State Police crime lab for forensic testing.

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Obama Infomercial

Barack Obama will go on national television tonight and air a 30-minute infomercial about himself and his presidential campaign.

Several political image makers, both Republicans and Democrats, say it’s a smart move. But is there a risk of excess in it, as well?

While Obama hasn’t made many strategic mistakes in his campaign against Republican John McCain, he has, on occasion, shown a weakness for extravagance. Not to forget a few slip ups like calling the rural voters angry, clinging to guns etc.

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Poveglia – The Scariest Island Of Horror

Poveglia is a small island located between Venice and Lido in the Venetian Lagoon, Italy.

It has an unfortunate history and is considered by some to be a hot spot for ghosts. During Roman times it was used to isolate thousands of plague victims, and during the three occasions when the black death spread through Europe, the island was effectively used as a plague pit — it was considered an efficient way of keeping the infected people separated from the healthy. It is believed that over 160,000 people died on the island throughout its history.

The island was home to a small community until it was abandoned around 1380, during the War of Chioggia between Venice and Genoa.

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1992 Slaying Of Shauna Howe

Shauna Howe was an 11-year-old girl whose October 1992 rape and murder received much media attention in Pennsylvania for more than ten years. Howe was walking home from a Girl Scouts Halloween party in Oil City, Pennsylvania and was two blocks from home when she was kidnapped at the corner of West First and Reed streets.

Two days later, a member of Howe’s family found a piece of Howe’s gymnast costume near an abandoned railroad bed in a rural, wooded area in Rockland Township, Pennsylvania. Despite a search of the area the day before, Howe’s body was found about 200 yards from where the clothing was found the next morning. Howe’s abductors had thrown her from a railroad trestle into a dry, rocky creek bed near Coulter’s Hole in Rockland Township; she died of blunt force trauma to the head and chest resulting from the fall.
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Golmaal Returns Review

People loved Golmaal. People are going to hate Golmaal Returns. This new movie treats the viewer like a dumb person, without any brains. There is absolutely nothing to laugh about in the movie but besides that I have heard that this movie is simply unbearable!

35 years ago, the Kiran Kumar – Radha Saluja comedy AAJ KI TAZAA KHABAR [1973] is the inspiration for Golmaal Returns.
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Obama Effigy Found At University Of Kentucky

According to a news report, an effigy of U.S. Sen. Barack Obama, the Democratic presidential nominee and an African American, was found hanging from a tree on the University of Kentucky campus this morning, according to university officials.

UK President Lee Todd said he was alerted about the incident by a professor who was riding his bicycle to campus around 7:30 a.m.

The effigy was found on Rose Street, near the university’s Mining and Minerals building.

Officers with both the University Police Department and the Lexington Police Department are investigating the incident, and the Secret Service has been notified, Todd said.

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Patrick Edwards Site

Something that could have been avoided. I am so angry after watching this video. The cart should have never been there, so close to playing field. Its known that players after go far from the boundary when in the heat of a dash or a sprint. Very unfortunate incident.

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Ted Cottrell Bio & Wiki

On October 28th, 2008, Cottrell was fired from his position as San Diego’s defensive coordinator. This is shocking for all the football fans but some would say it was coming.

Without a sack or interception in the last nine quarters, the San Diego Chargers on Tuesday fired defensive coordinator Ted Cottrell and replaced him with inside linebackers coach Ron Rivera.

Cottrell had become a popular target of fan ire as the Chargers (3-5) lost three of their past four games, including a 37-32 loss to former teammate Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints in London on Sunday.

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