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Book Launch: Make Cool PHp Applications

If you have a knack for programming and want to learn how to develop some cool web based applications using the latest technologies like PhP, MySQL, CSS, XHTML, and JavaScript/Ajax, this is just what the doctor ordered. Apress has just released a highly rated and recommended book aptly titled – Practical Web 2.0 Applications with PHP.

The book has been written by Quentin Zervaas. There is not much information available about the author but the book’s web page has the following to say about the author’s work,

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TechBanyan Performance and Metrics

Its time for the quarterly performance appraisal. TechBanyan was started in the mid of November 2007 but the process of experimentation and finding the right mix of look and feel, original content, advertising structure etc. carried on until some weeks after that.

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US Air Force: New Cyber Command Recruitment Ad

The United States Air Force is looking for a few good men (and women) to stave off Cybarmageddon. Join the Cyber Command!

The Air Force is going large with a new tech-themed recruitment drive sporting the tagline: “A Changing World.” In this 30-second TV spot, cool headed airmen in the service’s fledgling Cyber Command are seen combating one of the “three million” hacker attacks that target the Pentagon building every day.


Youtube pulled this video off its servers after it was handed a copyright infringement notice by the US Air Force.

But according to Threat Level (Wired), US Air force is a government agency and therefore has no locus standi on trying to project the ad as covered by copyright law. SO they still have it on their servers.

However, I searched the video again on Youtube some days later and I found it.


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Highest Paying Google Keywords

Recently I came across blogs writing about highest paying Google keywords and how if a user factors his/her content around those keywords, can get rich literally overnight. I don’t use Google’s on this blog. My daily hits are steadily rising but they are yet to reach a critical mass. Google’s minimum payment clause means that if you have just gotten into blogging, its going to take a while to hit the magic mark.

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Chrysler Outsources To India

India’s outsourcing firm Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) won a contract by Chrysler LLC for taking over IT work handled by separate IT service providers.

The agreement was made public recently where Tata would be responsible for a variety of IT systems at the automaker, including online vehicle ordering systems for the dealers and maintenance of the company’s dealer and brand websites. All this was divulged by the Chrysler spokesman David Elshoff.

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William Sisters Bangalored

William sisters were vising Bangalore, India recently for a tennis championship. They decided to dress up in the traditional Indian gear for an evening function.

Neat eh.

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The Dilbert Moment: India outsources to US

A website with a hifalutin sounding name called Intelligententerprise has published an article titled, India outsources to US tech workers. The author has basically gone ga-ga over a spate of recent business deals won by American companies in India and how this is “supposedly” going to benefit the US tech workers. And to totally rub it in, he is wondering if the American workers are up for this “cultural” and “geographical” challenge.

What a hoot.

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Youtube Blocked in Pakistan

According to emerging reports, it seems Youtube has been banned in Pakistan. Variety of reasons are being offered as to the reasons of banning this popular videos website – starting from blasphemous material on line to showing material considered morally objectionable in an orthodox society like Pakistan’s.

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Fixing Potential Privacy Breach In Collaborative WordPress

If you are the only one to login into the dashboard of a WordPress run website, then its one less issue to worry about. But if you allow readers to register themselves as Contributors on the site and write posts, or have multiple users login into the admin panel, then there are chances of compromising a user’s privacy.

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WordPress Under Repeated DOS Attacks saw DOS attacks beginning Saturday, and the attacks were continuing till yesterday as some of the users still could not log on to their site.

Matt Mullenweg, the brains behind WordPress and its spokesman, also confirmed these attacks. There were spikes of about 6 GB of incoming traffic rendering the blogs inaccessible by some users for almost up to 15 minutes.

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