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Microsoft’s Latest Venture – Comic Strips

In its latest venture, Microsoft has launched a comic strip – Heroes Happen {Here} – featuring who else but super hero techies. The strip is co sponsored by Microsoft and Seagate.

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Google Eyes A Data Center In India

GOOGLE is interested in opening a Data Center in Asia and has shortlisted a few countries. India is one of the them but others like Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea and Vietnam are also strong contenders. Google has not yet decided which country is it going to be but it has made all the right sounds about which all countries it could be in the hope of getting the best bang for its investment in the form of tax holidays, sops etc from the host government.

So what exactly is a Data center and why are the various government competing against each other to bite the bullet.

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50 Billion Dollars: India’s Finger In The Outsourcing Pie

According to the latest industry report by NASSCOM, India’s revenue from back-office outsourcing is expected to surge nearly five-fold to $50 billion by 2012 despite a possible recession in the key United States market.

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Spypig – Tells You When Your Email Is Read

MOST email clients like Thunderbird and Outlook have a feature which when set, notify you when your email is opened by the receiver. However the same was not possible if you sent an email from a website like lets say Gmail, Yahoo mail etc.

Now you can.

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Software Lobby Group Says US Desperately Needs More Foreign Workers

A technology based lobby group in US, the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) wants United States Congress to drastically raise the annual cap on H-1B visas and give permanent residency to foreign nationals who graduate from U.S. colleges.

An additional demand they had was related to backing trade policies which give companies unfettered access to the global market but I am not able to make much of it. Why will the US government restrict companies from doing business across the world? Unless of course the country in question is Iran or Cuba etc. (Thats what I thought initially but check out the analysis and answers below).

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Corporate Email – Etiquette & Insights

Some cold facts. E-mail messaging now exceeds telephone traffic and is the dominant form of business communication. A recent Wall Street Journal report indicates that soon employees will spend three to four hours a day on e-mail. Companies often complain that their workers spend almost spend almost half of their day handling e-mails.

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India Beats US, China In Sun Product Development

Another plume in the hat for India Tech. According to the latest news reports, India has pipped United States and China to emerge as the largest developer location for Sun Microsystems, with over 6.29 lakh programmers working on Java and Solaris platforms.

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Indian Student At Duke Shot Dead

Following on the heals of LSU shoot out where two Indian students were shot dead in a gang style execution, one more Indian student was found shot dead at his off campus apartment.

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Sabeer ‘Hotmail’ Bhatia Dials In With SabseBolo

(Pic – The man himself)

Sabeer Bhatia has been trying hard to beat his one trick pony reputation. After trying his luck with Arzoo and Live Documents, the man who sold Hotmail to Microsoft has now launched an online tool for facilitating teleconferencing at no extra cost to the user.

Looking at the website, one thing that struck me as odd was the image used on the home page.

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Google Spotting For Women Engineers

(Pic – Google Girl)

Google India wants to recognize and celebrate women of India in Computer Sciences and related fields. Google thinks Indian women deserve a pat for solving complex engineering problems, doing work that makes an impact, collaborating with smart people, for challenging conventions, and above all for taking risks. What sweetens the whole deal is that the recognition comes along with a cheque for INR 75000 ($1875).

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