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Earthquake Rattles Parts of Oklahoma

A 4.0 magnitude earthquake rattled parts of Oklahoma on Friday morning, according to reports.

The U.S. Geological Survey reported that the earthquake hit around 9:18 a.m. Friday about 3 miles northeast of Jones, OK. 

No major damage or injuries have been reported.

A 2.8 magnitude quake was also recorded in the area at 11:16 p.m. Sunday and a 3.3 quake was recorded at 4:05 a.m. Thursday, according to reports.

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Haiti Relief Organizations are Crucial to Earthquake Disaster Recovery

Haiti relief organizations are crucial to earthquake disaster recovery.  There are many relief organizations that are set up to help with the relief efforts after an earthquake ripped through the poor nation of Haiti.  Navigating through the various organizations that have popped up may be daunting for those interested in trying to help. Here’s a guide to some of the relief organizations that have been set up thus far.  This is in no way comprehensive. is Wyclef Jean’s Web site that is devoted to helping Haiti.  There was so much traffic to the Web site that it shut down.  To give to, you can log on to their Web site, or you can text “YELE” to 501501 to automatically donate $5 to the fund.  Click here to access the Web site.

Leave it to Google to put all the most important information in one place.  You can click through Google’s crisis response site to donate to UNICEF or CARE.  Furthermore, the site has listed the names of other organizations that are accepting donations for relief.  In addition, the names and phone numbers of various hospitals in the Haitian region are listed.  Click here to access the Web site.

Bill Clinton’s Clinton Foundation is also accepting donations for earthquake relief.  Clinton has warned that the country will have to endure a few more days of sifting through the rubble before they know the true extent of the damage.  His Web site also gives several other links to other sites that are accepting donations.  Access his site here.

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Haiti Earthquake 2010 News: Donations, Relief Efforts, and More

Haiti earthquake 2010 news: donations, relief efforts, and more.  The Haitian earthquake which took place on January 12, 2010 has devastated the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere.  The damage from the Haiti earthquake is said to be 15% of the nation’s GDP.  Those wishing to make donations or help with relief efforts will have ample opportunities to do so.

heThe earthquake took place right after the country had gotten settled after the 2008 hurricanes.  One religious leader claims that the reason that Haiti suffers so much is because of a so-called “pact with the devil” that they entered in to.

Click here to read about the Haiti earthquake death toll.

Click here to learn how you can use GeoEye to view satellite images of the disaster.

Wyclef Jean, a Haitian native, has harnessed the power of the Internet and is raising money towards relief efforts through a sort – people can donate $5 by texting “yele” to 501501 . In just one day, $1 million was raised – which is 100% of the total amount of money raised through texts in 2008.

Relief efforts are coming from all over.  The USNS Comfort is said to be heading out to help with relief efforts.  The state-of-the-art ship is stocked with  medical facilities and professionals who can do everything from brain surgery to delivering babies.

Other donations can be made through various organizations.  Google has an emergency response site set up for your convenience and you can access that site here.

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Earthquake Haiti Death Toll A Continuing Concern

Haiti death toll a continuing concern.  After a 7.0 earthquake ripped through Haiti, the death toll is feared to reach a hundred thousand.  At the time of the quake, there were many inside buildings that were completely leveled.  Hilary Clinton warned that the death toll could reach “tens of thousands”, however the Haitian Prime Minister warned that the final toll could be “well over 100,000″

Click here for details on humanitarian efforts in Haiti.

Bodies will be hard to gather from the wreckage, and many will stay buried for days.  Heavy lifting equipment is in short supply.  In some places, such as the slums of Carrefour, about 90% of the buildings are said to be in ruins.

The quake has been devastating for the area.  Those left homeless will be faced with new challenges once rain comes again.  Those fortunate enough to own markets were ransacked by looters after the quake.

Click here for details on satellite images of the Haiti Earthquake damage.

People don’t know what to do with the bodies that they have found.  They are wrapping them in sheets and cardboard and setting them out, hoping that the government will do something.

Former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush are said to be working hand in hand trying to piece together Haitian relief efforts.

Still yet, the Haiti death toll will not be known for weeks to come.  What’s sad is that there could be people still alive in the wreckage that will eventually die waiting for help.

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Geoeye A Computerized Image of Haitian Earthquake Devastation

Geoeye a computerized image of Haitian earthquake devastation.  Geoeye is a computerized tool used with Google Earth that can be used to see the devastation caused by the 7.0 earthquake that ripped through Haiti a couple of days ago.  So far, there are many deaths and many individuals are trying to figure out how to help the Haitians.  Geoeye is the only way that many people will be able to see the devastation – with the exception of photos and images that roll in from the media.

Geoeye is used in connection with Google Earth to provide real-time access to satellite images of the devastation that has ripped through the island.

The Haitian earthquake is the center of a lot of speculation.  Yesterday, one individual said that Haiti has had a bunch of trouble ever since they made a pact with the devil.

Still yet, the world is sympathetic with the island, which is the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere.  In 2008, hurricanes ripped through the area and the people were just starting to get back to normal when the earthquake hit.

The Presidential Palace in Port-au-Prince was damaged, and many government buildings were leveled.  One hospital fell, and many patients and staff members are feared dead in the rubble.

Haiti has asked the US for a Hospital ship.  Many from the military and from humanitarian organizations are flocking to the area to assist.  Those that cannot help are making donations.

Click here to visit Google’s Haitian Earthquake Resources page.

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Earthquake Reported Near San Diego at U.S.-Mexico Border

A 5.8 earthquake was reported in northern Baja California along the U.S.-Mexico border region on Wednesday.

The earthquake caused buildings to sway more than 100 miles away in San Diego and southwestern Arizona, according to the Associated Press.

The main quake was centered about 20 miles southeast of the Mexican border city of Mexicali, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.  It was reportedly followed by a 4.9 quake and several aftershocks.

There have not yet been any reports of injuries, death, or structural damage.

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Blue Moon New Years Eve: Amazing 2010 Moon and How to Celebrate

Blue Moon New Years Eve:  An amazing blue moon will be available for all to see on New Years Eve.  In addition to the colorful moon, we will also see a partial eclipse.  This is a wonderful way to ring in the new decade.

How can you celebrate and enjoy the blue moon? If the night is clear, it’s the perfect night for you and that someone special to bundle up and lay down in the back yard and gaze up at the moon, sipping on champagne and eating cheese and strawberries.

If you have kids, make the blue moon and New Years celebration educational.  Download blue moon information on the Internet and teach your children. Let them draw pictures and stay up late to see the fascinating views.

Remember that a blue moon isn’t always blue in color. What a “blue moon” means is that it’s the second full moon of a month.  It doesn’t happen very often, which is where we get the phrase “once in a blue moon.”

Ringing in the New Year is a lot of fun. It’s great that we have the opportunity to see something interesting like a blue moon and partial eclipse.  Maybe this will bring good luck to all who view it!

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Snowstorm Leads to Travel Delays, Record Snowfall Totals

A snowstorm that blanketed the mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. with nearly 2 feet of snow was headed north on Sunday.

Snow Storm 2009

The heavy snow on the East Coast has already being blamed for five deaths, and hampering holiday travel and shopping, according to the Associated Press (AP).  Other problems included flooding in South Florida and a power outage for more than 85,000 customers in the Carolinas on Friday.

The storm dropped 16 inches of snow on Reagan National Airport outside Washington, D.C., the most ever recorded there in a single day, the AP reported.  Southern New Jersey received its highest single-storm snowfall totals in nearly four years.

Forecasters expected the storm to drop as many as 10 inches on New York City, the AP reported.

Heavy snow and gusty winds were expected to continue to plague Southeastern New England on Sunday, but were to taper off into the afternoon and evening, according to

The official first day of winter is on Monday.

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Golf Carts: Free Golf Carts Stimulus Package

Is the government doling out free golf carts this holiday season? If you heard that some where you heard it right. According to a lot of my golfing buddies, IRS has made a ruling that many golf carts which run on electricity are qualifying for the green tax credit (electric car credit).

If you are an avid golfer and you have been holding out on this one, now is the best time to make this purchase and get a lump sum credit from Uncle Sam as well.

There is a federal credit which provides on an average $4200 to $5500 for the purchase of a non polluting electricity run vehicles.

Even though it looks like a loophole, I am pretty sure the intention was to promote green vehicles that use modern technology, somehow the golf carts also got covered within the ambit of this.

To me they look like cash for golf carts instead of cash for clunkers. If you play golf and you want to get your own golf cart, I say, go for it now!

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Meteor Shower November 2009 Video: An Amazing November 2009 Meteor Shower

Meteor Shower November 2009 video is amazing.  The November 2009 meteor shower was is being watched by many.  From November 13-20, 2009 the meteor shower is best seen after 1:30 AM EST.  The peak was estimated to take place early this morning, but enthusiasts can still view the shower for a few more days.
The Leonid meteor shower is an annual event that takes place as the earth travels through Comet Temple-Tuttle.  As the earth approaches the comet and as the comet comes closer to the sun, it sheds clumps of material that sprinkle our nightly sky.

If you haven’t seen a shower like this, it is worth waking up early or going to bed late to see.  Make sure you have a telescope to see the best views.

NASA’s Web site has a Fluxtimator that allows you to see when the shower will be best viewed in your area.  You can use this to plan when you will see the meteor shower.

How to Celebrate the Meteor Shower during November 2009:

If you have children, have a “meteor shower” party with them to make viewing it very special for them. Make star shaped cookies and find free printable solar system and space coloring pages online.  Learn about how the event occurs, and describe it to your child.  Have them help you make a story book that discusses the event.

If you don’t have children, grab a bottle of chilled wine, a telescope, and a blanket and sit out in the night sky with someone special and watch the beautiful event.  This will be a romantic evening at home, and a unique date that doesn’t cost anything.

If you are in the city and can’t get great views of the meteor shower, find the November 2009 meteor shower video online.


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