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Six Flags in Atlanta Flooded and Under Water

Yesterday we had reported about the flooding in Atlanta, Georgia but now the situation has gotten even worse when the city got about a foot of a rain fall.

The waters from rivers and rains are flowing in to the city. According to pictures released by various media one can even make out that the Six Flags in Atlanta is totally flooded and covered with water.

All you can see is the Ferris Wheel protruding out of the muddy water. But that’s not all, about 6 lives have been lost due to the torrential rains and subsequent flooding.

In a heart breaking soon, video captured showed a man clinging by the tree and trying to save his baby but unable to do so.

Many are calling it the 100 year storm, a historic flooding, but the worst may yet to be come as it is still continuing. But that’s not all, the water is so freezing cold that people are bound to get affected by hypothermia as well.

clarkdaleschool Six Flags in Atlanta Flooded and Under Water lifeboatrescue Six Flags in Atlanta Flooded and Under Water

To check the CNN’s reporting, coverage, and video of this event, click below:

Atlanta Flooding Video

Atlanta Flooding initial reports, School, Roads Closing

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Six Flags under Water in Atlanta flooding, 9 people dead

Atlanta’s city is under water, with 22 inches of rain since last week, and a foot of that fell in a 24 hour period. The rivers and streams have filled the streets and flooded houses. 9 people have died including a 2-year-old child that was ripped from her father’s arms as he tried to hang onto branches to keep them from floating away in the flood, and many more are missing.

In Atlanta schools are closed, roads are closed, cars are under water, fire trucks cannot get out to help people, and the only way to get around right now is by boat. Many people have been evacuated from their homes and lives.

atlanta flood 150x150 Six Flags under Water in Atlanta flooding, 9 people dead

Atlanta Flooding

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Atlanta Flooding News, Traffic and School Closings (photos)

Heavy rains over the weekend in Atlanta have shut down the city. Two  people have been killed (one of them tried to drive through standing water), traffic is at a standstill, almost all of the schools have been closed, and a boil water order has been issued because of water main breaks in the area. Fire trucks are stuck and cannot get out to help people.

atlanta 150x150 Atlanta Flooding News, Traffic and School Closings (photos)

Atlanta Flooding

The media is urging people to just stay home at least for the morning. The local Channel 2 Action News said that all of Atlanta’s creeks and rivers are approaching flood level.  Additional rain is expected today.  The Lake Lanier water level has risen four inches since Saturday, but the risk of it overflowing is minimal, because of recent water shortages that lowered the lake by several feet.

Here is a public service announcement of school closings: Gwinnett County school officials announced at 8 a.m. that all schools in the Gwinnett County school system are closed Monday due to severe weather.

Gwinnett County joined Carroll, Douglas, Paulding and Stephens’s counties in closing all schools because of heavy rain and flooded roads. Promise Christian Academy in Paulding and Lithia Christian in Litha Springs were also closed as well as St. John Neumann Catholic School. Opening at Ivy Prep Academy in Norcross was delayed until 10 a.m.

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Track Map Hurricane Paloma Plot Paloma Path

Tropical Storm Paloma strengthened into a hurricane Thursday as it barreled northward across the Caribbean towards Cuba, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) said.

The Miami-based monitor reported that the storm, which formed early Thursday east of the Nicaragua-Honduras border, was packing sustained winds near 75 miles per hour (120 kilometers per hour), with higher gusts.

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Tropical Storm Marco

Watch out for this one. The National Hurricane Center says Tropical Storm Marco has kept its strength off Mexico’s Gulf Coast with maximum sustained winds near 65 mph (105 kph).

A hurricane watch is in effect for Mexico’s Gulf Coast from Cabo Rojo south to Veracruz, and a tropical storm warning is in effect for the coast from Cabo Rojo south to Punta El Lagarto.

204555W sm Tropical Storm Marco

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Hurricane Gustav Tracking

Hurricane Gustav comes calling right at the heels of Hurrican Fay. And if you think you are sitting somewhere far off from the landfall and cannot be affected by such inclement weather situations, then think again. Hurricane Gustav hit Haiti and ended driving up gasoline prices.

Networks are reporting that Hurricane Gustav struck Haiti and sent global oil prices sky rocketing on fears that it could become even more dangerous than before by the time it reaches Gulf of Mexico.

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