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New Playstation 3 Models Announced at Gamescom at Germany

The New Playstation 3 models,  consoles were announced at Gamescom in Germany Tuesday.  Two new PS3 were also debuted.  The new Playstation 3 console will sell at stores for only $299, and has a 160 GB hard drive.  There will also be a $399 version of the console that will come bundled with the Sony Move console that debuted at this year’s E3 Expo.

Sony has a lot of competition on their hands, especially given the new Xbox consoles that recently debuted.  In addition, their Sony Move competes directly with Microsofts Kinect and the Wii Nintendo games.

Many are very excited about the New Playstation 3 models, myself included.  It will definitely be on my list to pick up as soon as it is in stores.

Back in July, the XBox 360 outsold the PlayStation for the first time ever…and Sony’s really trying to ensure that that was a one time anomaly.

Still yet, the new PS3 models will be available at a store near you soon.  If you are waiting for the Microsoft Kinect to come out your wait might be a little longer – possibly Christmas.

In November, there will also be a slew of games released including Call of Duty: Black Ops, Assassins Creed Brotherhood and Little Big Planet 2.

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Dell Streak Price at $549, ATT Locked – Why No Verizon?

Dell Streak price is set at $549 and is locked at AT&T.  This means that the Dell Streak, just like the iPad tablet, is only available using the AT&T connections.  OF course with the iPad you at least have the option to buy the wi-fi only version and forego dealing with the telecommunications giant.

The Dell Streak  has a small screen of 5 inches – about half that of an iPad.  It also takes calls, so I would venture to say that if the iPad were an SUV , and a smartphone a car  - the Dell Streak would be a crossover – somewhat of a hybrid between the two that is so indescribable it needs its own category.

Dell is banking on the Streak to do well. It’s the first foray into the tablet market following the Apple iPad.  Does it have enough glitz and glamour to woo people from Apple’s crisp graphics, heat sensing touch pad, and all around coolness? The Dell Streak takes telephone calls – something the iPad can’t do.  If you are in need of a tablet computer, it seems as if that is a feature that you wouldn’t care one way or another about.

Is the $549 price point too high, and the AT&T lock too restrictive? It will be interesting to see how the public responds to this new device, available only at AT&T. Read more at the Wall Street Journal.

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Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta Has an Update

Mozilla Firefox 4 has an update, and that’s  a very big deal to those in the tech circles.  The Mozilla Firefox 4 beta update has new JavaScript values and more touch support for Windows 7, allowing for better graphics viewing.  For those of us who like to surf the web using the FireFox browser instead of Safari or IE, this is a very good thing that leaves us very happy.

Firefox 4 will not be released to the public until October or November.  The beta is still just that – a beta meaning that at times the browser can be unstable. Still yet for the casual internet surfer/blogger – it’s a pretty nifty thing to try out.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about the Mozilla Firefox 4 beta update is that it has multi-touch support for Windows 7 (as mentioned before.)  For us tech geeks we know that Windows 7 has built in support for touch screen monitors and devices, and the Mozilla browser beta is able to interact with that and allow users to utilize this feature.

Users of Mozilla FireFox know it’s one of the most stable web browsing experiences.  If you haven’t tried it out yet for yourself, you should.  To read more about the beta update, and to view a video of the multitouch experience head over to Wired News.

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Perseid Meteor Shower August 2010 NASA Chat Live INFO

The Perseid meteor shower is taking place during August of 2010 – and tonight is the peak for seeing the perseid meteors, or the475274main composite perseids 226 1 Perseid Meteor Shower August 2010 NASA Chat Live INFOfireworks in the sky.  To educate the public and gain awareness about the science behind the annual event, NASA is hosting a live chat and streaming video.  Users can tweet their questions to Bill Cooke, the scientist on duty. He will answer the inquiries as early as possible via NASA’s chat.


Those who live in cities should drive out to the country, where the view of the shower won’t be blocked by the city lights.  For many this involves making tonight an early and unique date night.

As many as 90 to 100 meteors per hour can be expected, and in optimal viewing conditions about 40 per hour can be expected to be seen with the naked eye.  In many areas you won’t need binoculars to see the show – which starts at 10:00 PM no matter where you are.  Peak viewing occurs between 3 and 4 am. Dont forget about this year’s shower!

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A Verizon iPhone 2011 Possibility: Could Apple Leave ATT By January?

A Verizon iPhone 2011 may be in the mix.  Apple’s iPhone could leave exclusivity from AT&T and go to Verizon by January.  Of course, everyone has heard this song and dance before making it almost like the quintessential “boy who called wolf” tale.

However, Verizon boasts one of the largest networks, with millions of subscribers.  In addition, the Android based smartphones are the leading competition against Apple’s coveted handset.  Verizon is one of the largest sellers of Android handsets – so placing the new iPhone at the carrier just makes good business sense.

Don’t get me wrong. I use AT&T – but I also don’t use the iPhone. I’m a Blackberry kind of guy. But I still call it as I see it, and it’s time for the Verizon iPhone.

The “rumors” are actually quite credible, with blog “Tech Crunch” indicating the story this time around. They claim the secret lies within the making of CDMA chips to be used in the handsets.  However, we saw this from the Wall Street Journal near the end of March and those stories didn’t come to fruition.

Are you thinking that a Verizon iPhone could be in the works?

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Apple iOS 4.1 Available for Developers, FaceTime E-Mail Option Present

Apple iOS 4.1 is available for developers, and as such the FaceTime video conferencing software is rumored to have an email option. This means that the iPhone 4 and iPod Touches with front-facing cameras may have the option in the future to video chat with people through their email address instead of through their phone number.

This allows iPad and iPod Touch users to use FaceTime – as they don’t have phone numbers. This will be highly useful, although more RAM is expected to be needed to support the option.

Some speculate that the email FaceTime feature on iOS 4.1 will be removed prior to hitting the consumer markets. However, the iPod Touch annual cycle will hit around September.  Perhaps there’s a front-facing iPod Touch device coming out soon?

Rumors circulate that Apple will host an event and make an announcement around August 16th, further rumors point to more around mid-September.

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Samsung F4EG a Eco-Conscious, Eco-Friendly Hard Drive

The Samsung F4EG is an eco-friendly hard drive for the eco-conscious consumer.  The F4EG is also known as the EcoGreen hard drive. Even though this is the type of product that is meant to reduce your carbon footprint, you don’t sacrifice performance in the long run.

Samsung is a consumer electronics company that is always on the cutting edge – be it with plasma/lcd TVs or with cell phones and now the F4EG eco-green hard drive. This will likely become one of the more popular types of hard drive in the coming years.

Storage is no problem with this product. There is 2 TB of storage, which stores up to 880-hours of DVD video or half a million songs in the MP3 format.

Energy improvements have been made, as when compared to the previous model the F4EG performs 19% better in and 23% lower power consumption in standby mode.

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Samsung PL90: Review, Price, Release Date and Specs

Samsung PL90 is a new digital camera boasting a 12.2 mp resolution and point and shoot capabilities. The thing about the PL90 that many are excited about is that it has a built in USB connector, allowing you to plug the actual camera in to your PC or Mac without having to worry about a cable or cord.

I know it’s frustrating.  I am always losing the cord to my Sony CyberShot, so the Samsung PL90 may be a good replacement option.  In addition, the software is on the camera itself, so it’s truly a plug-and-play device.

On top of all of that, you don’t have to fumble around with a battery to recharge it.  Similar to an iPod, the USB connector acts as a battery charging agent as well.

The release date of the product is rumored to be somewhere around September 0f 2010 – only a month away!  The price will be around $150-$200, making it an affordable addition to your army of gadgets.

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PDF Hack: iPhone, iPad Users Susceptible – Symantec Warns Apple

A PDF hack could be used to compromise an Apple iPhone or iPad, and Symantec has warned Apple of the problem.  A PDF hack works like this: an unsuspecting user visits a Web site, and a corrupt PDF file is then downloaded.  This file gives users access to the iPhone or iPad – full control.  This compromised security can be used to mess up your files and application.

In short, the PDF hack works like a jailbreak.  This, of course, is bad news for Apple users.  After all, a commonly believed piece of information is that Apple products are virus and hack proof. That is not true.

So what is the savvy iPhone or iPad user to do with this issue at hand? Steer clear of opening PDF files directly! That’s what you can do.  Only open PDF’s from trusted sources until Apple is able to download a patch.

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Blackberry 9800 Torch- First Blackberry 6 Phone Release Date, Price

The Blackberry 9800 Torch is making my Blackberry Bold 9700 shake in itsblackberry torch 300x286 Blackberry 9800 Torch First Blackberry 6 Phone Release Date, Price case.  Why? Well, the Blackberry 9800 Torch is a slider phone AND a touchscreen PLUS it runs off of the new Blackberry OS 6.

The Blackberry fan that I am, I would love to have this new handset, but will have to wait another year because I am still under contract. However, it’s got great features that many Blackberry owners wished that their phones had.

Although it may not be as fancy as an iPhone or an Android phone, it’s one of the first efforts by RIM to stay cutting edge. They do have the Touch screen Storm on Verizon, but the new Torch will likely be much more popular.

The release date of the Blackberry Torch 9800 is August 12, and it is going to sell for $199 with a 2 year AT&T contract.  I cannot help but wonder how many customers this new RIM handset will take away from the iPhone?

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