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Acer Extensa Laptop with Intel Celeron Processor Black: Black Friday 2009 at Best Buy, Buy your Acer Laptop Early

Acer Extensa laptop with Intel® Celeron® processor, Black Friday deal on Wednesday at Best Buy. Buy an Acer Extensa laptop for only $249.99. The Acer Extensa Laptop features a wide variety of functions.  Here is the Acer Extensa Laptop with Intel Celeron Processor specs:

 *Intel® Celeron® processor 900
*Features an 800MHz frontside bus, 1MB L2 cache and 2.2GHz processor speed.
*2GB DDR2 memory for multitasking power, expandable to 4GB.
*Multiformat DVD±RW/CD-RW drive with double-layer support
*Records up to 8.5GB of data or 4 hours of video using compatible DVD+R DL and DVD-R DL media; also supports DVD-RAM.
*15.4″ LCD high-brightness widescreen display
*1280 x 800 resolution and a 16:10 aspect ratio
*160GB Serial ATA hard drive (5400 rpm)
*Offers spacious storage and fast read/write times

*Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD
*2 built-in stereo speakers with high-definition audio support.
*Built-in webcam with digital microphone
*Built-in 802.11b/g/Draft-N wireless LAN
*Built-in 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet LAN

*Weighs 6.3 lbs. and measures just 1.7″ thin
*Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Edition 64-bit operating system preinstalled

What do I think of the Acer Extensa Laptop at Best Buy? For starters, if you want one you need to print this post and read it as you head to the store – but only if someone else is driving you! The laptop has a minimum 5 per store and the deal is going to sell out soon.

I had an Acer netbook for about a week.  It was really glitch-y and I had to turn  my computer off and on every time it went to sleep because my WIFI would shut off.  I purchased an HP Mini instead.  However, the Acer Extensa is more powerful than their line of netbooks.  It’s a great computer for someone that needs a computer for a light purpose, perhaps a student or someone who wants to surf eBay in bed.

This computer is great for keeping in touch with family, as it has the built-in web cam for video chat.  The microphone will work well too, so purchasing this Acer Extensa Laptop with Intel Celeron processor for Christmas may save you tons of money on your long distance phone bill.

The deal was sold out online as of 10:16 AM CST, but many stores may still have computers available, so act fast. You can head online at to search for your store to see if there are any in stock before heading out.

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Motorola Droid Tips: 10 Additional Droid Tips for new Motorola Droid Users

Motorola Droid tips are important for new Motorola Droid users. If you get good Motorola Droid tips, you will be on your way to enjoying the Motorola Droid quicker than you would if you had to figure out everything on your own. Here are 10 more Motorola Droid Tips to consider.

For starters, check out a review of the Motorla Droid, written by an Apple fan.  Then, move on to the first 10 tips for Motorola Droid users.  Now, you are ready for 10 more tips that will help you run your Motorola Droid.

1) When you get a phone number or email in SMS, click and hold the number or email address to save it in your contacts.

2) Get a photo in MMS? Want to save it? Forward the message to your email account to save the picture using your browser. Or, you can simply tap and hold the picture to save it.

3) Think of tap and hold as left click/right click.  Tap is like a left click, whilst holding down is like a right click.

4) Motorola Droid users can use the RingDroid app to crop any mp3 song to become a ringtone, alarm, or notification.

5) The FaceBook app is a cool feature for Motorola Droid users.  If your FaceBook friends have their cell listed in their FaceBook profiles your Droid will import these individuals in to your contacts – which saves you a lot of typing!

6) Consider buying your Motorola Droid a couple extra batteries.  Using the Droid for its intent can drain the battery fast – and that stinks.

7) Tether your Droid to a computer that runs PDA net Software. Run Google Earth, and watch as the Droid provides a GPS position icon on the computer along with streaming Google Satellite maps. This may be a little technical, but is a really cool feature.

8) Go to your home menu and press and hold until a shortcut menu appears. Through this menu you can set up 1 touch dialing for anyone you desire. This feature is great particularly for those that drive a lot.

9) To set a password to lock your phone, follow this path Menu > Settings > Location & Security > Change unlock pattern  This will keep your phone’s private info from the prying eyes of spouses and children.

10) Enjoy your phone! Feel free to add more Motorola Droid tips to the comment section below.

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Motorola Droid Tips: 10 Tips for Your Motorola Droid

Motorola Droid tips are sought after. Motorola Droid tips will help new Motorola Droid users work their phone.  This weekend, Verizon released the Motorola Droid, which features the Google Android operating system.  To read a review of the Motorola Droid written by an impressed Apple lover, click HERE.

Here are 10 tips to help you work your new Motorola Droid

1)      Hold down the home button and a “quick launch” menu will appear. This will list your most recent 6 apps used so you can find your apps quicker.

2)      To mount the USB drive in Windows, pull down the notification menu, choose “USB Storage”, and then choose “Mount”.  This allows you to place the SD card in your phone as a drive in your computer, making it easy to transfer files from your PC to your Motorola Droid and vice versa.

3)      For GV, ensure that your contacts and pad dialing are set to the format 1(555)555-1234.  If you omit the 1 or the area code on local calls, GV won’t work.

4)      When using the onscreen touch keypad on your Motorola Droid, hid them by flicking them down from the top and simply tap the field again to get them to return.

5)      Be careful when using a pouch holster for your new Motorola Droid.  If it contains magnetics, it may turn your Motorola Droid on “car mode.” This will eat up your battery life quicker than you think.

6)      To set an mp3 song as your ringtone, upload the song on to your Motorola Droid. While the song is playing choose “menu” then “set as ring tone.” Do this for every song you would like to use as a ringtone.  Set different ringtones for your contacts by going in to your address book and selecting a ringtone from the list you created.

7)      One of the best Motorola Droid tips includes the copy/paste function.  Hold down on any text field, and the “edit text” menu will appear. Select “Copy and Paste” functions as needed.

8)      Need a vibrator on your phone? Go to settings-sound display and check the phone vibrate box if your phone is toggling between complete silence and ringing.

9)      Like a picture on your web browser? Save it to your Motorola Droid! Tap and hold the picture, and then select “save”

10)   If you like a certain Web site, you can add a shortcut to that Web site to your Motorola Droid’s home screen. Bookmark the site, tap anywhere on the home screen and hold down. The menu that will guide you to adding a shortcut will pop up.

I hope these Motorola Droid tips help new Motorola Droid users get used to their phone.

Here are 10 more Motorola Droid Tips for Savvy Droid Users.

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Droid Phone Reviews: Does the Droid Phone Stack up for Verizon?

Droid phone reviews are important, as the Droid phone was released yesterday. Reviews are pouring in for the Droid phone, which is made by Motorola and is Verizon’s smartphone based on Google Android operating system.  As consumers are fickle, is Motorola’s  Droid phone nothing more than the sexy phone-du-jour, only to be cast aside in a couple of months, or will the Droid become a timeless classic, like Apple’s iPhone?

As an Apple lover and an AT&T customer, I never thought anything would come close to the iPhone.  However, as many of my family members have increasingly got on to Verizon’s network, I noticed that my cousin – the daughter of a Verizon salesman, had the Droid phone the day it was released.

If I had to say one word in my review of Verizon’s new phone that uses the Google Android operating system, I would simply say – Amazing.   The technology present in this phone is enough for me to at least consider switching to Verizon ‘s services.

The thing that makes the Droid better than the iPhone in my eyes is that it is capable of supporting corporate email.  While the Apple has the same capabilities, it was very hard for my company’s IT department to get Apple’s features running for my bosses’ iPhone.

Those that wonder about applications and watching YouTube videos will be pleased to know that Verizon’s Google phone, the Droid, has over 12,000 applications available and is fully integrated with most Google technology, including Gmail.  You can run more than one application at a time (not possible on the iPhone) and the Droid also features a physical keyboard (also not available on the iPhone).

All in all, those in the market for a new phone can purchase the Droid for $199.99 with a 2 year contract. I think it’s one of Verizon’s best phones available, as my salesman uncle painstakingly told me about all the high-end phones in hopes of converting me to a Verizon user with this sophisticated phone.  It’s a phone worth getting excited about, and one that will be on many people’s Christmas list. While the iPhone was on my list, I may just have to switch providers to get the Motorola Droid.

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Blockade Noise Isolating Earbuds: Attractive Cheap Alternatives to Expensive Earbuds

Blockade Noise Isolating Earbuds are $14.99. Are the Blockade Noise Isolating Earbuds an alternative to expensive earbuds sold by companies such as Bose? Blockade Noise Isolating Earbuds could be a great alternative, but many people are skeptical.

 Blockade’s earbuds are noise “isolating” wheras expensive counterparts are noise “canceling.”  There is a difference between the two.  Noise canceling earbuds require batteries, as they contain electronics inside that cover up outside noise with white noise.

 Noise “isolating” earbuds, however, are nothing more than rubber tips jammed in your ears.  Blockade calls this a “triple flange noise isolating system.” There are no batteries, and the Blockade Noise Isolating Earbuds probably aren’t as comfy as the Bose QuietComfort earbuds.

 The Blockade Noise Isolating Earbuds do have some benefits, however.  They have a hearing-saving volume limiter.  The earbuds won’t let you listen to anything above 91 decibels.

 Some say that Apple’s stock earphones produce a better overall sound.  Those that are sound connoisseurs should probably stick to more expensive earphones.  However, those with a limited budget may find the Blockade Noise Isolating Earbuds a great Christmas gift for a kid or teenager that wants expensive Bose earbuds.

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When is Daylight Saving Time for Fall 2009?

Many people have been wondering when Daylight Saving Time (DST)  is scheduled for this fall.  Mark your calendars (if they aren’t already) for Sunday, November 1, 2009, at 2 a.m.

Daylight Saving Time

There has been some confusion about the “fall back” time for DST 2009. In the past, the time change happened on the last Sunday in October. The time change now happens on the first Sunday in November.

Remember to change your clocks, but be careful as some clocks on cell phones, computers, etc., are programmed to change automatically for DST.  Also, to add more confusion, some computers and electronic devices may have already been programmed to change on the last Sunday in October.  So double-check that your clocks have the correct time.

So what is DST? Here is a description from

Daylight Saving Time (or summertime as it is called in many countries) is a way of getting more light out of the day by advancing clocks by one hour during the summer. During Daylight Saving Time, the sun appears to rise one hour later in the morning, when people are usually asleep anyway, and sets one hour later in the evening, seeming to stretch the day longer.

The reason DST works is because its saves energy due to less artificial light needed during the evening hours—clocks are set one hour ahead during the spring, and one hour back to standard time in the autumn. Many countries observe DST, and many do not.

Note: Between March–April through September–November, it is summer in the northern hemisphere, where many countries may observe DST, while in the southern hemisphere it is winter. During the rest of the year the opposite is true: it is winter in the northern hemisphere and summer in the southern.

Benjamin Franklin first suggested Daylight Saving Time in 1784, but it was not until World War I, in 1916, when it was adopted by several counties in Europe that initially rejected the idea.

It is difficult to predict what will happen with Daylight Saving Time in the future. The daylight saving date in many countries may change from time to time due to special events or conditions.The United States, Canada and some other countries extended DST in 2007. The new start date is the second Sunday in March (previously the first Sunday in April) through to the first Sunday in November (previously the last Sunday in October).

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FLV Windows Media Player Codec

Windows has sometime back released its latest version of Media Player and although it can play the Flash FLV files without any glitch but there is a slight catch to it.

Yeah, you guessed it. To be able to play the FLV Windows Media Player, you first need to install the media decoder for it. The media decoder is also called in tech paralance as a Codec.

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Sanyo Easy Street Portable GPS

I use GPS and I am hooked to them. I cannot imagine my life driving long distance (anything above an hr) without one. I am not really good at directions so this technology comes straight from heaven for me.

The Sanyo NVM-4050 Easy Street 4-inch Global positioning System which has the double whammy feature of of Text to Speech is quite a catch and the fact that battery life is really lengthy makes it first among equals.

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Bestbuy At Mall Of America

best b1 Bestbuy At Mall Of America

There is an irresistible deal on right now at Best Buy that you might want to check out.

The circular is dated for 7/13/08 – 7/19/08 and the details are mentioned below:

Be aware of these conditions though:

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Sling media slingbox av Review

The new sling media Slingbox solo is out and DBTechno has the following to say about it.

Sling Media has come out with a box called the Slingbox Solo. The idea behind the Slingbox, for those who do not know, is that it allows you to control your home TV, DVD player, etc. from anywhere in the world on your computer via an internet connection. We have always been intrigued by the idea of the Slingbox, and were lucky enough to have Sling Media allow us to test out the Slingbox Solo.

The review site is also reporting that if:

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