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Apple’s New iPhone 4 Is Thinner, Features Gyroscope

The Apple iPhone 4 was revealed by CEO Steve Jobs at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco on Monday.

Apple iPhone 4

The Apple iPhone 4 will be 24 percent thinner than its predecessor at 9.3mm thick, contain a front-facing camera, and offer greatly improved battery performance with up to 40 percent more talk time, according to Jobs.  It will also have 32 gigabytes of storage, a gyroscope (which will allow for more precise motion detection), and HD video recording capability.

Jobs described the phone as “the most precise thing and one of the most beautiful things we’ve ever made.”

The iPhone 4 will be priced at $199 for a 16GB model and $299 for a 32GB model.  It will go on sale on June 24.

For more about the iPhone 4 from Apple, click here.

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iPad Reviews are Mixed – is the iPad a Big iPhone or a Revolutionary Product?

iPad reviews are mixed. Some iPad reviews indicate that the Apple product is a big iPhone. Other iPad reviews say that the gadget is a revolutionary product.  So which is it?  Is the iPad nothing more than a blown-up iPhone, or is the new product the revolutionary product we have all been waiting for.

Nothing is quite as popular as the Apple iPhone. It allows you to talk on the phone, use Twitter, FaceBook, and it’s just all around a really cool gadget.  When news of a tablet computer from the Cuptertino, California based company started making its buzz, everyone was excited.

But are they let down? Well, there are two product lines that are most likely shaking in their boots because of the invention of the Apple iPad: the netbook and the eBook.

com recently experienced a stock price increase after higher than expected earnings during the fourth quarter.  Their revenue went up 46% from year to year, and the company attributes some of the gain to the popularity of their Kindle.

The Kindle is an electronic product that allows you to read thousands of books in electronic format. For every 10 physical books sold, 6 Kindle books are sold.

The Apple iPad could hurt that.

In addition, those that want internet access on the go currently seek out netbooks.  The Apple iPad could hurt sales of these products as well. 

I’d much rather tote around an iPad than a netbook. It would be much easier to fit in my purse and would be much easier to discretely use.



Still yet, critics complain that the iPad is nothing more than a big iPhone. They don’t expect the sales of the product to take off, as consumers favor the smaller handsets.

There’s also the chance that maybe – just maybe – the iPad will revolutionize computing.  There are a few things that Apple could improve.  For instance, being able to have more than one application open at a time would be a great start.

They could also produce the tablet to be able to handle the same software as their MacBook line of laptops.

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iPad Review Why did Steve Jobs Give Pee Wee Herman an iPad? (VIDEO)

iPad reviews are pouring in and there’s one question – why did Steve Jobs give Pee-Wee Herman an iPad?  Of all the iPad reviews I have seen and read, there is one that sticks out: the review from Pee-Wee Herman.

There’s something instinctively creepy about Pee-Wee, which is probably why I wasn’t allowed to watch him when I was a kid.

Pee-Wee’s iPad review discussed how cool that he thought the product was.  His friends – a talking chair, globe, clock, and “magic screen”  – all inanimate objects – pointed out the sexy products many “Flaws”

“It looks like a big iPhone”

“You can’t run two apps at once?”

No one – except for Pee-Wee Herman – was excited about the product.

The funniest part of the video clip is the use that the character finds for the iPad at the end of the clip.  Since it’s featured below, I won’t ruin the surprise for you.

Also, Pee-Wee claims that Steve Jobs gave him one of the 50 iPads in the country.  Although this is a joke, do you have any theories about why Jobs handed an iPad over to a nerdy goofball that owns a talking chair?

I haven’t had a chance to check out the iPad, but I don’t live too far from an Apple store.  Once it’s there, I will definitely check it out.  Will I buy one? I don’t know.

Tablet computing may be the netbooks of the future. What do you think about the Apple iPad?

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When Will iPad Be Available for Purchase?

The iPad Tablet was officially unveiled by Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs on Wednesday, but now consumers want to know: When will the iPad be available for purchase?

ipad 300x174 When Will iPad Be Available for Purchase?

Apple iPad

According to , the models, starting at $499, will be available:

  • Wi-Fi models shipping in late March
  • 3G models shipping in April
  • Prices of the iPad will vary, depending on the model:

    16GB 32GB 64GB
    Wi-Fi $499 $599 $699
    Wi-Fi + 3G $629 $729 $829

    Features of the iPad Tablet include the ability to browse the Web and listen to music, with photo, calendar, and map applications. It will work with the iTunes store to let users discover and purchase music, movies and TV shows, Jobs said in his announcement.  For more about the iPad announcement, click here.

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How Much is the iPad? Apple’s Tablet A Bank-Breaker or Bargain?

How much is the iPad? Is the iPad tablet a bank-breaker or a bargain? Today, Steve Jobs unveiled Apple’s newest creation, the iPad.  For weeks, the technology industry has been buzzing about the Cupertino, California based company’s newest invention.  Would the iTablet, iSlate, or iPad (at that point we didn’t know what it would be called…heck it could have been called MacBook Pad or something for all we knew) revolutionize computing as we know it?

So just how much is the iPad? Apple’s iPhones are $300 with some AT&T plans.  Some expected the iPad to cost well within the $1,000 range – after all, a simple laptop from Apple costs $999 – a far cry from the $250  bargain netbooks you can find at Office Depot stores across the nation.

CLICK HERE to view Artist rendition of the iPad before it was unveiled.

CLICK HERE to watch an artist rendition of the possible iPad commercial.

The iPad costs between $499 and $829, depending on which model you choose.  You can buy the Wi-Fi only models – which only pick up wireless networks when you are in range.  These are the most economical plans and cost $499 to $699, depending on what memory you buy.

The iPad is also available with 3GS from AT&T, meaning that you can connect to the mobile network wherever it’s available. These models cost $629 to $829 depending on how much memory you choose.  Data plans start at $14.99 but your best bet is the $29.99 unlimited plan.

The iPad’s cost could out weigh its benefit, especially for those (like me) that like gadgets.  As I write this on my little HP Netbook, I’m dreaming of typing on a phantom keypad on a sleek and sexy iPad.

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Apple Unveils iPad Tablet

Apple Inc. Chief Executive Steve Jobs revealed the iPad Tablet, the much-hyped latest in wireless devices, on Wednesday morning in San Francisco.

appleipadstevejobs 227x300 Apple Unveils iPad Tablet

Steve Jobs Unveils Apple iPad (AP)

“Everybody uses a laptop and smartphone. A question has arisen: Is there room for a third device between a [laptop] and smartphone?” Jobs asked, according to a PC World report. “We’ve got something that is. We call it the iPad.”

Features of the iPad Tablet include the ability to browse the Web and listen to music, with photo, calendar, and map applications. It will work with the iTunes store to let users discover and purchase music, movies and TV shows, according to Jobs.

When the iPad is turned sideways, it adjusts the view for the user.

“It’s a dream to type on,” said Jobs.

The iPad is Apple’s biggest product launch since the iPhone three years ago.

What do you think about the new iPad?  Will you purchase one? Share your comments below.

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Designer Leaks Apple Tablet Pictures?

Designer leaks Apple Tablet pictures? With Steve Jobs’ big announcement coming up, Apple Tablet talk is hotter than ever.  What will the Apple Tablet be called? iSlate? iPad? iTablet? Macbook Pad? What will it look like? Will it be a large version of the popular iPod touch?

A designer has “leaked” photos of Apple’s prototype, and photographed the new product on top of a Macbook Pro – just to give us an idea of the size of the unit.  However, the pictures could just very well be created to drive a stir.  After all, everyone and their brother is anticipating this product. Any indication of a glimpse of the product before it’s released is likely to be very hot.

The pictures that are posted on Dustin Curtis’s blog are pretty real looking.  However, there’s skepticism about if the product really is the real deal.


For one, iTouch owners know that the touch screen is very shiny.  In addition, the backing is likely to be made out of silver chrome – not black plastic.  The photograph on the blog features a screen that looks rather dull.

That being said, it could be the camera quality interfering with the photo of the product.  The designer’s leaked photos could very well give us the most authentic glimpse until the real product is ultimately unveiled.

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Apple Tablet Leaked? (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Apple tablet leaked? America’s favorite technology company, Apple, has worked on a tablet ever since the 1980’s.  Now, there’s light at the end of their tunnel and the Apple Tablet debut is said to come soon.  The Apple Tablet leak photos that are circulating on the web, creating quite a buzz…but are they real?

The iPhone/iPod Touch was the company’s last slam-dunk.  As a proud owner of a Touch, I can attest that the interface is sleek and sexy – and I have the first generation!

The Apple Tablet will be like the Touch – only bigger and better and more powerful.  I can only imagine taking the product everywhere – as it is very portable.

Now that there are videos on the web claiming to be the Apple iPad (or iSlate depending on who you ask) leaked commercials, and blogs are popping up from “designers’ that are “leaking” the “Apple tablet mock-ups.”  Is all this true, or are we being taken for a ride?

One thing to remember about Apple fans (and designers) is that they are very good with technology – meaning that creating an ad or photo of the tablet wouldn’t be too difficult.

The “Apple tablet leaked photos” can be found here, at Dustin Curtis’s blog.

While these leaked photos and ads are entertaining, don’t expect them to be the real deal.  Chances are Steve Jobs and the Apple crew have something far better than we could ever have imagined in store for us.

For entertainment purposes, the “leaked Apple Tablet ad” can be found below

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Roxxxy True Companion a Bold or Creepy Invention?

Roxxxy True Companion is making headlines. This doll is the first life-sized robot girlfriend. As Fox News puts it, Roxxxy can’t cook or clean, but she can “do just about anything else.”  The Roxxxy True Companion was unveiled at the Adult expo in Las Vegas.

Roxxxy is 5’7″ and 120 pounds.  She’s anatomically correct and features three “inputs” which are cooled through a cooling system that pumps like a “heart.”  Although she can’t stand or walk on her own, she features a sophisticated system that allows her to be bent.

If you can get a realistic fake robot girlfriend like Roxxxy True Companion now, imagine what you will be able to get in a few years. Before you know it, there will be walking, talking robot companions.

What will become of human relationships? If a human can simply purchase a robot for their needs, then what needs will they have for each other? Will inventions like Roxxxy True Companion make it harder to have a valid relationship with someone who is living and breathing?

The AVN Adult Entertainment Expo is held annually in connection with the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  This allows people to check out two very different types of technologies.

What do you think of Roxxxy True Companion? Is she creepy or is she cool?

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2010 CES: Consumer Electronics Show Excites Consumers

2010 CES: Consumer Electronics show excites consumers.  The 2010 CES is taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada and there are over 2,000 exhibitors showcasing their amazing inventions.  The show kicked off yesterday (January 7) and will continue on until Sunday (January 10.)

There are many things that consumers are excited about this year.  For one, ever since Avatar hit the theaters, consumers have been talking about 3-D.  Well, at the 2010 CES there are plenty of exhibitors showcasing 3-D devices for both computers and Televisions.

Imagine watching your favorite movie in 3D right in the comfort of your own home. Maybe the technology isn’t as far off as we think.

On the go, and can’t watch TV? Some companies are creating phones that have the capability of streaming your favorite TV shows.  This would make life more enjoyable for those that have long commutes on trains and subways in large metropolitan areas.

Tablet PCs are also somewhat of a big hype. Kind of a cross between a laptop and an iPhone, a tablet PC will make computing even more portable.

There’s also word that Skype could be teaming up with TV manufacturers to bring forth the capability to telecommute right in the comfort of your own home.

Today, innovations are making our lives easier and easier. It is interesting to see the many inventions that are surfacing, and getting insight as to what could be in store for our future.

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