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Stupider Than China?

By Ghatotkatchh

When I compare India and China, I see fundamental differences in how these countries have been led over the last century or so. The difference is aggressiveness vs subservience and purposefulness vs meandering along. there are those who would point to the latter qualities and say they are virtues. However, I find these qualities (if one may call them so) to have produced mediocre results.

Of late, there have been increasing comparisons between India and china in media and foray across the world. Indians have, of course, fanned this trend claiming how our societies are free, democratic and law based while china is none of the three. Of course, since we are all three, we are the better bet in the long term while china may dissolve into social and political disorder.

Scratch the surface a little and this propaganda seems to be true. After all the media is muzzled in china, so much of the real situation does not ever seem to come to the notice of the world at large. Their companies flout all law and the only thing that seems to work is “guanxi”. There is social unrest in the rural areas that bursts forth every now and then.

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The Great Gall Of China

yingsel The Great Gall Of China

The world’s greatest sporting event has put China in a spot light. But many would rather see the country put in a spot. As the D Day approaches closer, so does the propensity of the vexing questions hitting home.

I have never been a big fan of things Chinese. Sure they are making more money and the infrastructure is all snazzy. But that shouldn’t be an excuse to deny a huge number of people their right to justice.

However the thing I am interested in bring up here is not politics but IOC’s latest announcement regarding the way China controls its internet. The Olympics governing body wants the hosts to loosen up its information highway restrictions and take it a bit easy.

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China Outsurfs US – What It Means For American Startups

xin 530104240841019231824 China Outsurfs US What It Means For American Startups

(Pic: A Chinese Web Cafe)

Blame it on population but China’s Internet users have overtaken the United States’ to become the world’s biggest with about 220 million web surfers according to BDA China, a Beijing based technology consulting and research firm.

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