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Pink Grammy Performance 2010 A Performance Deserving of An Award (VIDEO)

Pink Grammy Performance 2010 is a performance worth an award.  Pink Grammy performance is creating a buzz, and rightfully so.  The singer who has brought us many songs like “Sober” and “Get the Party Started” wowed the Grammy Awards crowd with her over the top performance.

For those that missed the Grammy Awards, a video of the performance can be found below.

At first, it appears if Pink will be covered up during her performance.  However, she dropped her sheer body covered robe to showcase a body suit that had lots of white straps strategically covering the parts that must be covered to keep from having the FCC come crashing down on the network.

She went aerial, much as she did during the 2009 VMAs, and the result was a spectacular performance that many will be talking about for the next couple of days.

It’s performances like that from Pink that make us love the Grammy Awards so much.  Even if she doesn’t win an award, she is a winner in the eyes of many people.  Anyone that can perform some of the acrobatic stunts that she does is worthy of the standing ovation she received.

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Shaun White Crash Video And Gold Medal (CRASH VIDEO HERE)

Shaun White crash video and an Olympic gold medal.  Shaun White’s crash video has received a lot of buzz, particularly because the crash was worse than it appeared.  Shaun White was attempting a maneuver on a half pipe when his helmet flew off and then he crashed.  Despite his crash, he still finished with his third gold medal at the Winter X Games.

The Shaun White crash video is likely popular for the same reason that many crash videos are popular – we like to see what happens when people take risks.  Shaun White is no sissy, and he takes a big risk every time he steps out there to snow board.

The end of the story is very fortunate. Watch the Shaun White crash video below and you will see that the ending could have been very tragic.  Without a helmet and at the rate of speed he was going, White could have paralyzed himself – or worse yet killed himself.

He’s also lucky that the crash happened during a practice run.  Had it happened when it counted, Shaun White probably wouldn’t have walked away with his gold medal.

Shaun White said the following after the crash “I knew in my mind that I wanted to do it, no matter what happened even if I was in first. That trick’s just a beast of its own. I don’t know, some days are just tougher than others, I guess. I was glad to put it down tonight.”

Watch the video below.  What are your thoughts? Leave your comments about the Shaun White crash video.

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iPad Review Why did Steve Jobs Give Pee Wee Herman an iPad? (VIDEO)

iPad reviews are pouring in and there’s one question – why did Steve Jobs give Pee-Wee Herman an iPad?  Of all the iPad reviews I have seen and read, there is one that sticks out: the review from Pee-Wee Herman.

There’s something instinctively creepy about Pee-Wee, which is probably why I wasn’t allowed to watch him when I was a kid.

Pee-Wee’s iPad review discussed how cool that he thought the product was.  His friends – a talking chair, globe, clock, and “magic screen”  – all inanimate objects – pointed out the sexy products many “Flaws”

“It looks like a big iPhone”

“You can’t run two apps at once?”

No one – except for Pee-Wee Herman – was excited about the product.

The funniest part of the video clip is the use that the character finds for the iPad at the end of the clip.  Since it’s featured below, I won’t ruin the surprise for you.

Also, Pee-Wee claims that Steve Jobs gave him one of the 50 iPads in the country.  Although this is a joke, do you have any theories about why Jobs handed an iPad over to a nerdy goofball that owns a talking chair?

I haven’t had a chance to check out the iPad, but I don’t live too far from an Apple store.  Once it’s there, I will definitely check it out.  Will I buy one? I don’t know.

Tablet computing may be the netbooks of the future. What do you think about the Apple iPad?

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Walmart Clown Commercial A Comical Advertisement (VIDEO)

Walmart’s clown commercial illustrates why I watch football.  Advertisements like the Walmart Clown commercial are typically aired when companies know their biggest audiences will be watching.  During yesterday’s AFC and NFC championship games, the Bentonville, Arkansas company showcased one of the funniest commercials I have seen in a while.


The Walmart Clown Commercial starts off with a father getting ready to surprise his children at a birthday party.  He’s dressed like a clown and ready to make his grand entrance.  He makes his way downstairs and the attention shifts to his wife.

Walmart is how this family saved a lot of money on the birthday party decorations and food for the party. The mother also pointed out that they even saved money on the clown costume at Walmart.

All the while the discussion about saving money at Walmart is going on in the background, the clown is making his final steps down to the party.  He’s fixing to act all goofy and crazy, and he takes a leap.

Only – before he takes the leap he doesn’t realize that there’s a silver unicorn on the ground with its horn sticking straight up. OH NO!

The Walmart clown immediately starts screaming in pain.  Instead of making the kids laugh, he scares the living daylights out of him.

I love it. It’s hilarious.


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Walmart Clown Commercial VIDEO

Walmart clown commercial video:  During the football game today, Walmart’s clown commercial has stirred up an Internet buzz.  The video can be seen below, and it’s hilarious.  The worst thing about missing commercials is that it’s hard to catch them on TV – however with YouTube anything is possible.

The commercial starts out with a dad getting dressed up like a clown. He’s excited because he is going to make his kids laugh.  He then makes his way down stairs to where his kids are having a birthday party.

His wife is sitting next to another woman, explaining how much money they saved by shopping at Wal-Mart.  The unsuspecting father decides to jump down the stairs, although he doesn’t realize that there is a small metal unicorn on the ground.

Well, the clown lands on the unicorn and starts screaming.  So much for making his kids laugh. He went from a funny clown to a scary clown all from one jump.

The commercial points out a truth that many Americans know – sometimes to save the most money, we have to go to Walmart.  The store isn’t immune to the economy.  The company recently announced that they are going to have to close down several Sam’s Club locations, meaning many Walmart employees will be without jobs.

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Pants on the Ground UTube (VIDEO)

Pants on the Ground UTube: Yes, “UTube” is a lazy misspelling for YouTube, and searching for this on Google may make your quest for the Pants on the Ground video a little more difficult.  However, it’s no surprise that General Larry Platt’s original song that he sung during the Atlanta American Idol auditions last week is still a hit.

In fact, Pants on the Ground inspired not only an appearance on “The View”, but was also the center of a Jimmy Fallon act that also included a Neil Young impression.

Pants on the Groundhas become a cultural icon, inspiring t-shirts, buttons, and decals for sale on eBay.  In addition, Simon Cowell himself even said that he’s “afraid” that we will see a lot more of this song and character in the future.

From a civil rights leader to an American Idol auditioner well past the qualification age, General Larry Platt has contributed what could become one of the biggest breakout hits of 2010.

View the official “Pants on the Ground UTube” or “YouTube” video, rather by CLICKING HERE.

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The Day Obamacare Died A Brown Victory Video Parody

The Day Obamacare died is a video that is gaining popularity in the wake of the election of Scott Brown.  The Day Obamacare died is sung to the popular tune “American Pie”, which features the lyrics “The Day the Music Died.”  The reasoning behind the video is that Brown is against healthcare reform, and his election makes it that much more difficult for Democrats to push healthcare reform through Congress.

Prior to Scott Brown’s election, the Democrats filled enough seats to avoid a filibuster.  Now, they risk a filibuster should the healthcare bill go to vote.  This doesn’t mean that healthcare reform isn’t possible – it just means that it is that much harder.

While it’s not sure that Obamacare is really dead, the election puts out a very big message.  Democrats that are up for re-election in the 2010 midterms are likely re-thinking their direction and trying to figure out ways to keep their constituents happy.

Below is the “The Day Obamacare died” video. What do you think?

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Pants on the Ground Original Video A Hit

Pants on the Ground original video General Larry Platt Pants on the Ground original video from the Atlanta auditions of American Idol are a big success. The viral success of the General’s original song “Pants on the Ground” isn’t only a viral original video, it’s also blown up into a full-fledged cultural icon.

We’ve all seen them – people walking down the road with sagging pants. Many of us roll our eyes at how ridiculous people with their pants on the ground, but General Larry Platt took things one step further and wrote his breakout song.

Who would have thought that a song about pants by a 62 year old former Civil Rights activist would be such a big phenomenal hit?  For an older gentleman, the General could really move.

Click here to watch the Pants on the Ground Original Youtube Video

Even cynical Simon Cowell was taken aback by the performance, and stated that we would see plenty more of General Larry Platt’s original “Pants on the Ground.”

After millions of Youtube hits and many products for sale on sites such as eBay, the General has proven that you don’t have to win American Idol to become a phenomenal success.

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Pants on the Ground Video An American Idol Audition Success (video here)

Pants on the Ground video is an American Idol audition success.  General Larry Platt’s “Pants on the Ground” video can be seen here, and for those that haven’t seen it – it is hilarious.  62 year old General Larry Platt is said to have marched alongside Martin Luther King, Jr during the Civil Rights movement. Now, he’s singing about “Pants on the Ground.”  View the “Pants on the Ground” video below to see what the hype is.

The inspiration for the “Pants on the Ground” video was a young man walking down the road with sagging pants.  After taking part in the Civil Rights movement, seeing that inspired the General to write his breakout song to embarass the youth walking around with sagging pants.

Click here to read inspirational quotes from Martin Luther King

For those that are curious or who are unfamiliar with American Idol, the General isn’t qualified to participate in the competition. You see, he’s 62 years old and the age cutoff is 28 to participate.  Still yet, American Idol judge Simon Cowell says that he is “afraid” we will see more of the General in days to come.

“The View” has already booked the 62 year old former Civil Rights activist for their Monday show.  Jimmy Fallon even broke in to the song “Pants on the Ground” whlie doing an impression of Neil Diamond.

General Larry Platt’s “Pants on the Ground” video is such a success that there are already products popping up on eBay.  The viral status of the video has created a hype that no one expected to come from this 62 year old man. Click here to view the products for sale on eBay.

Will General Larry Platt’s fame from the American Idol “Pants on the Ground” video be short lived, or is he going to be the next breakout star?  Will he join the ranks of Susan Boyle in fame?

The Atlanta auditions of American Idol were great.  Season 9 is going to be a bittersweet season. After all, Paula Abdul is gone (and replaced by Ellen Degeneres, who will join the show when the live portion starts to air) and Simon Cowell is on the way out.

Click here to read about Simon Cowell’s decision to leave American Idol.

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Kevin Jonas, Danielle Deleasa Get Married In Winter Wonderland

Kevin Jonas, of the Jonas Brothers, married Danielle Deleasa on Saturday night in a winter wonderland at a castle on Long Island, NY.

Kevin Jonas

“We’re so happy that we’re finally married and we were able to share the special moment with family, friends and loved ones,” the couple told People magazine.

Kevin, 22, and Danielle, 23, recited traditional vows at Oheka Castle, which was described as a turn-of-the-century French-style Chateau.  His brothers and bandmates, Joe and Nick Jonas, served as best men.

About 400 family members and friends attended the wedding, including fellow Disney star Demi Lovato. 

A blizzard that swept across the East Coast reportedly threatened the festivities, but everything went forward as scheduled. (For more about the snowstorm, click here.)

“The snow only made it look more like a winter wonderland,” celebrity event planner Michael Russo told People.  Russo created a fairytale forest under heated white tents, complete with 14-foot trees draped in hydrangeas and crystals made to look like icicles, according to the report.

“Danielle looked like a princess,” Russo said. When she walked down the aisle in her strapless tulle and Chantilly lace Vera Wang gown, “Kevin couldn’t stop smiling,” said Russo.

Danielle, a former hairdresser, wore a silk-and-crystal flower in her hair designed by Denise Leli, because she was wearing one when she met Kevin in the Bahamas 2007.

Their official wedding album will be displayed in People magazine’s issue on December 30, 2009.

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