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Big Fat Ugly Sandwich Company

big fat ugly Big Fat Ugly Sandwich Company

Chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, bacon and cheesesteak all sound like normal parts of meals, but what about when they’re all combined in one sandwich?

These are the ingredients of the Fat Milf, the most popular sandwich at the Fat Sandwich Company, located at 759 Asp in Norman. This establishment came about after two eager Rutgers graduates decided to go into the restaurant business instead of donning a suit and tie like their classmates.
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A Thumbs Up To Mediterranean Diet

mayo clinic pyramid A Thumbs Up To Mediterranean Diet

Another diet fad but this time the research is backed by Mayo clinic. If I were you, I’d pay attention. According to the doctors there, this diet might actually help you stave off the oncoming heart attack.

If you wanna eat right, and healthy then Mediterranean diet might be right for you.

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Get Rid Of That Acne

Just came across this study according to which if you avoid high glycemic load foods, then it could help acne sufferers clear up their skin.

So what exactly is glycemic diet. High glycemic load foods refer to foods that cause a sharp increase in blood glucose, or sugar, such as low-fiber carbohydrates.

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Red Rice: The New Infected Tomato

I have never heard of Red Rice before but then I never thought that in this country people could be throwing up and getting sick after eating tomatoes.

According to the latest report released by Consumer Lab, the organization tested 10 varieties of red yeast rice found that level of statin compound varied by more than 100 fold and in addition to this, 4 of the varities tested contained potentially toxic contaminant – citrinin.

Red rice is made through a fermentation process (isn’t that how beer is made as well?).

I still don’t know what this is, but I would stay as far away as possible and I recommend you follow the same.

The problems and scare tactics of salmonella inefcted are still fresh in the American mind. With FDA totally clueless so far about the infection outbreak crisis, its better everybody take precaution in their own hands and be careful about what they ingest.

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July 4th Treats

July 4th preparations have already started in full swing and one tip that I have been getting constantly is, there is going to be free food. Lots and lots of it everywhere. (My initial response to that was, you mean in the restaurants?)

Apparently, on the day America got its freedom, they want food to be the last of your worries. Uncle Sam wants you to be well fed and contended.

I came across this link which shares good tips about grand star spangled delicacies like Sundaes, Truffles, and mouth watering desserts that you might want to check out:

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