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Fire at Carlton Towers, 9 Dead 5o Hurt

Nine people have died in a major fire that broke out in the Carlton Towers, a high-rise office complex in Bangalore, India. The deaths were caused either by choking in smoke or injuries when someone tried to jump from the seven story building, fire officials said.

Nine, six men and three women, died and around 50 injured in the incident.

The fire broke out on the fifth floor office of an IT firm around 4 p.m., trapping several hundreds in the Carlton Towers, an office building on the busy old Airport Road in Bangalore’s central business district.

Visuals caught on cell phones and televisions showed a woman trying to jump from the seventh floor to the sixth, slipping and falling to the ground. Another showed a man jumping to the ground from the top floor. It is feared they are among the nine dead.

A large number of people were trapped in the building. A user stuck in the building tweeted about the incident:

“Carlton Towers is on fire and six of us are trapped inside the building. The fire’s above but there’s smoke everywhere. Saw people jump to their death. Don’t call me folks. You can’t help. Will keep you posted.”

The blaze suspected to have been triggered by a short circuit, created panic with several inside the building for help and many others breaking the window panes.

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Re-Watch and Vote For Your Favorite Super Bowl XLIV Ads

It wouldn’t be the Super Bowl without the commercials.  And this year is no different with ads expected from, Budweiser, Doritos, and even a controversial ad featuring an anti-abortion college football quarterback and his mother, according to reports.

super bowl xliv 150x150 Re Watch and Vote For Your Favorite Super Bowl XLIV Ads

Super Bowl

If you missed any of the advertisements during Super Bowl XLIV on Sunday (click here for start time and game details), you can view them all online here following the game:

CBS Sports 2010 Super Bowl Ads

Also, watch the video below for a sneak peek at a commercial featuring race car driver Danica Patrick (in the infamous Lisa/Kelly LeBrock “Weird Science” role).

If you had a favorite commercial, be sure to place your vote here:

Super Bowl XLIV Ad Blitz

And lastly, share your thoughts on this year’s Super Bowl XLIV commercials below in comments.

For more about the 2010 Super Bowl between the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts, read the following stories:

Super Bowl XLIV Reality Star Battle: Kim Kardashian Vs. Kendra Wilkinson

Super Bowl XLIV: Start Time, Half-Time Show

Fans Can Vote for Super Bowl XLIV MVP

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iPad Reviews are Mixed – is the iPad a Big iPhone or a Revolutionary Product?

iPad reviews are mixed. Some iPad reviews indicate that the Apple product is a big iPhone. Other iPad reviews say that the gadget is a revolutionary product.  So which is it?  Is the iPad nothing more than a blown-up iPhone, or is the new product the revolutionary product we have all been waiting for.

Nothing is quite as popular as the Apple iPhone. It allows you to talk on the phone, use Twitter, FaceBook, and it’s just all around a really cool gadget.  When news of a tablet computer from the Cuptertino, California based company started making its buzz, everyone was excited.

But are they let down? Well, there are two product lines that are most likely shaking in their boots because of the invention of the Apple iPad: the netbook and the eBook.

com recently experienced a stock price increase after higher than expected earnings during the fourth quarter.  Their revenue went up 46% from year to year, and the company attributes some of the gain to the popularity of their Kindle.

The Kindle is an electronic product that allows you to read thousands of books in electronic format. For every 10 physical books sold, 6 Kindle books are sold.

The Apple iPad could hurt that.

In addition, those that want internet access on the go currently seek out netbooks.  The Apple iPad could hurt sales of these products as well. 

I’d much rather tote around an iPad than a netbook. It would be much easier to fit in my purse and would be much easier to discretely use.



Still yet, critics complain that the iPad is nothing more than a big iPhone. They don’t expect the sales of the product to take off, as consumers favor the smaller handsets.

There’s also the chance that maybe – just maybe – the iPad will revolutionize computing.  There are a few things that Apple could improve.  For instance, being able to have more than one application open at a time would be a great start.

They could also produce the tablet to be able to handle the same software as their MacBook line of laptops.

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Toyota Model Recalls Affected – The Latest List

Toyota Model recalls affected are somewhat of a concern to many people.  The latest list of Toyota model recalls affected will affect not only current Toyota owners, but those in search of their next vehicle as well.  You see, Toyota models affected by the recall aren’t currently for sale, and the company is shutting down several plants in order to rectify the situation.

The Toyota recall has been ongoing.  It was noted sometime last year that the accelerators in certain Toyota models would stick, leaving a truck or car out of control.

The following information comes directly from the Toyota Web site:

Which models are affected by the recall/stop sale?
Toyota’s accelerator pedal recall and suspension of sales is confined to the following Toyota Division vehicles:

2009-2010 RAV4,

2009-2010 Corolla,

2009-2010 Matrix,

2005-2010 Avalon,

Certain 2007-2010 Camry 

2010 Highlander except hybrid models,

2007-2010 Tundra,

2008-2010 Sequoia

In addition, several chains of rental cars are struggling with issues because of the Toyota recall.

If you have one of the models under the recall, take it to the dealership to discuss your options.  If you don’t feel safe driving a vehicle covered by Toyota’s recall – by all means take it back to the dealership.  It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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How Much is the iPad? Apple’s Tablet A Bank-Breaker or Bargain?

How much is the iPad? Is the iPad tablet a bank-breaker or a bargain? Today, Steve Jobs unveiled Apple’s newest creation, the iPad.  For weeks, the technology industry has been buzzing about the Cupertino, California based company’s newest invention.  Would the iTablet, iSlate, or iPad (at that point we didn’t know what it would be called…heck it could have been called MacBook Pad or something for all we knew) revolutionize computing as we know it?

So just how much is the iPad? Apple’s iPhones are $300 with some AT&T plans.  Some expected the iPad to cost well within the $1,000 range – after all, a simple laptop from Apple costs $999 – a far cry from the $250  bargain netbooks you can find at Office Depot stores across the nation.

CLICK HERE to view Artist rendition of the iPad before it was unveiled.

CLICK HERE to watch an artist rendition of the possible iPad commercial.

The iPad costs between $499 and $829, depending on which model you choose.  You can buy the Wi-Fi only models – which only pick up wireless networks when you are in range.  These are the most economical plans and cost $499 to $699, depending on what memory you buy.

The iPad is also available with 3GS from AT&T, meaning that you can connect to the mobile network wherever it’s available. These models cost $629 to $829 depending on how much memory you choose.  Data plans start at $14.99 but your best bet is the $29.99 unlimited plan.

The iPad’s cost could out weigh its benefit, especially for those (like me) that like gadgets.  As I write this on my little HP Netbook, I’m dreaming of typing on a phantom keypad on a sleek and sexy iPad.

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Designer Leaks Apple Tablet Pictures?

Designer leaks Apple Tablet pictures? With Steve Jobs’ big announcement coming up, Apple Tablet talk is hotter than ever.  What will the Apple Tablet be called? iSlate? iPad? iTablet? Macbook Pad? What will it look like? Will it be a large version of the popular iPod touch?

A designer has “leaked” photos of Apple’s prototype, and photographed the new product on top of a Macbook Pro – just to give us an idea of the size of the unit.  However, the pictures could just very well be created to drive a stir.  After all, everyone and their brother is anticipating this product. Any indication of a glimpse of the product before it’s released is likely to be very hot.

The pictures that are posted on Dustin Curtis’s blog are pretty real looking.  However, there’s skepticism about if the product really is the real deal.


For one, iTouch owners know that the touch screen is very shiny.  In addition, the backing is likely to be made out of silver chrome – not black plastic.  The photograph on the blog features a screen that looks rather dull.

That being said, it could be the camera quality interfering with the photo of the product.  The designer’s leaked photos could very well give us the most authentic glimpse until the real product is ultimately unveiled.

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Apple Tablet Leaked? (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Apple tablet leaked? America’s favorite technology company, Apple, has worked on a tablet ever since the 1980′s.  Now, there’s light at the end of their tunnel and the Apple Tablet debut is said to come soon.  The Apple Tablet leak photos that are circulating on the web, creating quite a buzz…but are they real?

The iPhone/iPod Touch was the company’s last slam-dunk.  As a proud owner of a Touch, I can attest that the interface is sleek and sexy – and I have the first generation!

The Apple Tablet will be like the Touch – only bigger and better and more powerful.  I can only imagine taking the product everywhere – as it is very portable.

Now that there are videos on the web claiming to be the Apple iPad (or iSlate depending on who you ask) leaked commercials, and blogs are popping up from “designers’ that are “leaking” the “Apple tablet mock-ups.”  Is all this true, or are we being taken for a ride?

One thing to remember about Apple fans (and designers) is that they are very good with technology – meaning that creating an ad or photo of the tablet wouldn’t be too difficult.

The “Apple tablet leaked photos” can be found here, at Dustin Curtis’s blog.

While these leaked photos and ads are entertaining, don’t expect them to be the real deal.  Chances are Steve Jobs and the Apple crew have something far better than we could ever have imagined in store for us.

For entertainment purposes, the “leaked Apple Tablet ad” can be found below

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Child Care Tax Credit About Doubles But Don’t Spend it Yet!

Child care tax credit almost doubles…but don’t spend it yet! The child care tax credit could increase, thanks to Obama, but don’t go spending that hefty tax credit just yet.  While many Americans enjoy the current credit, and can even receive it back as part of their refund – the new increase won’t be a refundable credit.

What does that mean? It means you won’t be able to spend it – the credit will only reduce the liability you owe to the government.  If you’ve been good and practiced good tax planning, you won’t see this as an additional bonus.

However, I’d take a tax credit over a tax deduction any day.  Why? Deductions simply reduce the amount of income you pay taxes on. Credits reduce the ultimate amount of tax you pay.

Still don’t understand? It helps to put things with numbers.  Say you pay 10% taxes on $1,000 of income.  Without any credits or deductions, your tax bill will be $100.

With a $100 tax deduction, you will pay 10% on $900 – or $90. You just saved $10.

With a $100 tax credit, you will still pay 10% tax on $1,000 but you will subtract $100 from your final bill.  Your tax liability? Zilch.  You pay nothing.

Obama has a few proposals:

1) Increase child care tax credit from 20% to 35% for families earning under $85,000

2) Propose limiting federal student loan payments to 10 percent of a student’s income above a basic living allowance.

3) Propose $1.6 billion in increased funding for child care for low-income families

4) Create a system where all employers must offer direct deposits to IRAs for workers

5) Expand “savers tax credit.”

So while you may be excited about the increased child care tax credit – don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

And don’t spend your tax refund before it’s in your hands, either.


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New Year’s Eve Marks End Of Tavern On The Green

New Year’s Eve will mark the last hoorah at New York City’s (NYC) famed Tavern On The Green restaurant.

tavernonthegreenAP 295x300 New Years Eve Marks End Of Tavern On The Green

Tavern On The Green (AP)

Located in Central Park West, Tavern On The Green has been a NYC staple of high class and sophistication, but unfortunately has been hit by the poor economy.  The current owners filed for bankruptcy, and items from the iconic eatery will be auctioned off at Guernsey’s Auction House in New York on January 13 and 14, 2010.

Patrons who attend the New Year’s Eve festivities at Tavern On The Green to welcome in the New Year 2010 will enjoy a gourmet buffet dinner, champagne, open bar, music, and Central Park’s fireworks display.  They will also be able to say, “I was there for the final affair at Tavern On The Green,” reported a New Year’s Eve web site.

For more information and tickets to the New Year’s Eve party at Tavern On The Green, click here.

For details about the auction, click here.

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Stores Announce After Christmas Sales

The holiday shopping season will continue on Christmas Day online and the day after Christmas in stores, with some retailers already announcing their special post-Christmas deals.

christmassalesap 150x150 Stores Announce After Christmas Sales

Christmas Sales

Shoppers heading out on Saturday, December 26, 2009, will likely find Christmas wrapping paper and decorations at discount prices everywhere. Some stores, however, are offering discounts on much more.

Walmart announced they will offer electronics and toys at heavier discounts than they did before the holidays, according to the Wall Street Journal.  Some of the sale items at Walmart include an eMachine 250-gigabyte netbook for $228, and extensions of previously announced holiday deals, such as Blu-ray movies for under $20.

The retailer wants to provide “additional savings for items that customers will be looking for after Christmas,” according to Walmart representative Melissa O’Brien.

Toys ‘R’ Us will feature a “buy one, get one half off” game sale on all console and some Nintendo DS software starting Saturday through January 2, 2010, according to The sale includes Xbox 360, Wii, PS3, and PS2 titles, along with Nintendo DS games that are $20 or less.

Best Buy will have computer deals offered online starting on Christmas Day (Friday) and in stores on Saturday.  These deals include a Lenovo netbook for $197 and computer specials through January 2, 2010, for “for those with gift cards in hand,” the Wall Street Journal reported.

“Gift cards have been popular for Best Buy this season, and we thought it made sense to reference their use for these deals come Christmas Day and after,” a Best Buy press release stated.

Radio Shack will have free shipping on thousands of products online on Christmas Day, and sales include mobile-navigation devices and cameras.  The store’s 48-hour after-Christmas sale will include free phones with a two-year agreement, phone accessories, and music.

Target will reportedly offer deals on laptops and other electronics.

J.C. Penney will open some of their stores at 5 a.m. on Saturday, with an after-Christmas wake-up call that customers can sign up for on their mobile phones.  Their deals include more than 100 doorbuster items.  Store hours are also being extended on Sunday, with stores opening at 9 a.m. and closing at 7 p.m.  To sign up for the wake-up call and to view the ads online, click here.

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