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Resolving iTunes Error 5002 Applications

A lot of people have been getting this error – iTunes Error 5002. When I got this error, I promptly sat down to find out more about this and how to get rid of it. During the course of my research, in which I involved internet, forums, Apple help desk etc, this is what I learnt and which I am sharing with you all to make it easy for everybody to resolve this error.

First of all, make sure you get the error with iPod touch while trying to upgrade apps in iTunes version 8.

The best approach to handle this error is to do the following.

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iPhone Euphoria Pictures

Second iPhone launch was broader in scope than the first launch in terms of simultaneous launch around the world and it was a sight to see the excited buyers. I have included some pictures.

iphonelaunch craveoverviewshot iPhone Euphoria Pictures

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Indian Exec Likes ‘em Apples

mac air cut cake 300x136 Indian Exec Likes em Apples

But for an entirely different reason. I found the reason hysterically funny but I’m pretty sure the die-hard Apple fans will not share my enthusiasm.

The Indian exec in picture here is Rahul Sood, CTO of HP’s global Gaming Business and, in his own words, he started his blog a few years ago in order to give his fans and customers a fresh and brutally honest perspective of his industry, as he succinctly puts it on the site.

So few days back he was celebrating his birthday and being in the business that he is, one of his friends gifted him an Apple Mac Air notebook as a joke. (Wish somebody played that kind of a joke on me!).

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iPhone Launch In India

apple iphone in hand iPhone Launch In India

Arun Sarin led Vodafone is all set to sell Apple iPhones in India. Vodafone recently signed an agreement with iPhone’s maker Apple to sell the company’s one of the most popular product to date in India and 9 other markets.

iPhone has already existed in the grey market in India where one could buy a hacked version and simply insert the SIM to activate it. The only care they have to take was to ensure they don’t update the iTunes software, which in turn would update the iPhone software as well there by “bricking” it. Which means once the software is updated, the software hack to make it work with any SIM would be rendered useless.

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Apple Vs Apple

nav greenyc Apple Vs Apple

Actually make that Apple Vs the Big Apple, with Big Apple being the colloquial name for New York city.

The city of New York has launched a campaign to promote green and as part of that, they adopted an apple as the logo. The GreeNYC logo shows a creatively designed apple with a short twig and two leaves on top.

Personally, to me it looks totally different than the famous tech company’s logo but then how many variations of the fruit apple can you have. Its kind of inevitable that Apple corp cried foul and claimed copyright infringement.

However traditionally, Apple has been on the receiving end mostly when it comes to such infringement allegations. Many of you would remember that Beatles was published on Apple Corp records, a totally different company that the Cupertino based tech one. The court feud went on for ages. Similarly Apple got embroiled in an iPhone related controversy when they got sued by Cisco Systems.

At my workplace, which is incidentally in NY as well, they are trying to go Green, started off by offering everybody company logo emblazoned coffee mugs with the hope of weaning them off from using the paper cups.

If you are interested in reading more about New York city’s green initiative, go here.

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Top Apple Mac Air Commercial Spoofs

Apple Mac Air commercial is one of the best ads in recent memory. Because of its phenomenal appeal, from Yael Naim’s background score to using that distinct manila envelope, it should come as no surprise that many would be inspired to carry it further by directing their own version of it, and a funny one at that.

There were a little over 250 parodies of it on Youtube when we went live with this post. More are being continually added every day. After studying a whole bunch of them over a period of couple of days (it would be insane to commit to check out all of them) and ranking them using the following benchmarks – Funny, Originality, Slick video editing, Youtube views, comments and favorited, I have short listed the following videos.

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Apple Redux – Blast From The Past

prj5 Apple Redux Blast From The Past

Apple has come a long distance from being the inventor of personal computers to making integrated cell phones with oomph and personal music players. It recently made a splash with its launch of the thinnest notebook, the Mac Air.

Here we follow back in time when Apple just got started, its initial accomplishments, some of which were equally impressive as its present day achievements, its initial logo and one of its most popular commercial.

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iPhone – Apple’s Bite

iphone parallels iPhone Apples Bite

Product summary

The good: The Apple iPhone has a stunning display, a sleek design, and an innovative multitouch user interface. Its Safari browser makes for a superb Web surfing experience, and it offers easy-to-use apps. As an iPod, it shines.

The bad: The Apple iPhone has variable call quality and lacks some basic features found in many cell phones, including stereo Bluetooth support and 3G compatibility. Integrated memory is stingy for an iPod, and you have to sync the iPhone to manage music content.

The bottom line: Despite some important missing features, a slow data network, and call quality that doesn’t always deliver, the Apple iPhone sets a new benchmark for an integrated cell phone and MP3 player.

Specs: OS provided: Apple MacOS X; Band / mode: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 (Quadband); Wireless connectivity: IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, Bluetooth 2.0 EDR

Price range: $399.00

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