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Must Do Things After Starting A New WordPress Blog

wordpress india independence logo jpeg Must Do Things After Starting A New Wordpress Blog

When I started TechBanyan, calculated in blog years, I was a bit of a green horn and shortsighted. To me then, starting a blog meant getting the domain name, installing WordPress and from then on concentrating on the posts.

However to maximize the potential of your blog, there’s a lot of in-between that you need to perform. For instance, there are some tweaks and absolute must-have plugins that would go a long way in making your blog a huge success.

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Blogsvine – Way To Increase Traffic To Your Site

blogsvine logo Blogsvine Way To Increase Traffic To Your Site

Most of you must be familiar with news and links aggregator sites like Digg, Mixx, Reddit, StummbleUpon etc. Another peer web service called Blogsvine has been launched and which can be used by Bloggers to increase traffic to their sites.

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Adding Twitter To Your WordPress Driven Website

twitterrific logo Adding Twitter To Your Wordpress Driven Website

Twitter is a micro blogging app which allows you to broadcast tiny SMS-ish messages to your friends and contacts. I had a first hand experience of this technology when Google integrated Twitter with Google Maps during the current election primaries. I was totally awed by it’s power and concept.

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TechBanyan Goes Live With Email Subscription

Better late than never. This feature was long time in the coming but because of inputs from Sita, I was able to put it on fast track.

If you are a regular, you might want to subscribe through the emails.

Besides the fact that the articles are literally served to you in a platter, it helps you avoid the ads as well.

Enter your email address:

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Popular Website Designers

Although I am not a website designer but I have two favorite sites which I occasionally check to see the latest in web site designing or simply to read what’s keeping some of the best designers occupied on any given day.

Elliot Jay Stocks

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Best Text Editors For Blogging

header Best Text Editors For Blogging

We all have our personal favorites when it comes to using a specific editor for our blog. Some prefer writing directly in the space provided in the “Write” page of the dashboard while others are content with a notepad like text editor. In this post I am going to elaborate on few other tools one can use to make the task of writing more optimized.

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TechBanyan Performance and Metrics

Its time for the quarterly performance appraisal. TechBanyan was started in the mid of November 2007 but the process of experimentation and finding the right mix of look and feel, original content, advertising structure etc. carried on until some weeks after that.

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Highest Paying Google Keywords

May%20%20Earnings Highest Paying Google  Keywords

Recently I came across blogs writing about highest paying Google keywords and how if a user factors his/her content around those keywords, can get rich literally overnight. I don’t use Google’s on this blog. My daily hits are steadily rising but they are yet to reach a critical mass. Google’s minimum payment clause means that if you have just gotten into blogging, its going to take a while to hit the magic mark.

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Fixing Potential Privacy Breach In Collaborative WordPress

wordpress logo Fixing Potential Privacy Breach In Collaborative Wordpress

If you are the only one to login into the dashboard of a WordPress run website, then its one less issue to worry about. But if you allow readers to register themselves as Contributors on the site and write posts, or have multiple users login into the admin panel, then there are chances of compromising a user’s privacy.

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WordPress Under Repeated DOS Attacks

wordpresstitle Wordpress Under Repeated DOS Attacks saw DOS attacks beginning Saturday, and the attacks were continuing till yesterday as some of the users still could not log on to their site.

Matt Mullenweg, the brains behind WordPress and its spokesman, also confirmed these attacks. There were spikes of about 6 GB of incoming traffic rendering the blogs inaccessible by some users for almost up to 15 minutes.

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