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Somer Thompson A Breaking Development and Person of Interest

Somer Thompson a breaking development and person of interest.  The Somer Thompson case just got a break.  There isn’t  a suspect in the Somer Thompson case, but there are indications that there is a person of interest that is being held by police.

Jarred Harrell has been arrested on child pornography charges.  He’s being held with a $1 million bond.  There are 29 charges all together.

Somer Thompson disappeared when walking home with friends in October.  Her distraught mother pleaded for the young girl’s safe return.  Somer reportedly got into an argument with her friends and siblings, which is why she was walking home alone.

She never returned home after school that day.

Investigators haven’t revealed how Somer Thompson died.  Of course, the way that the young girl died is probably too horrific for any of us to imagine.

It’s always terrible when things happen to small children.  Typically,young ones are defensless against predators.  At this time, it’s important to remember that Jarred Harrell is only a person of interest.  Although he is in jail, it’s on separate charges.  Furthermore, in the US everyone is innocent of a crime until proven guilty.


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