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Latest Tiger Woods Update: Tiger’s Award, Angry Mom, Charles Barkley, Kim Kardashian weigh in

Latest Tiger Woods update: Tiger’s award for PGA Tour “Player of the Year” comes at a time when his mother is angry at him.  Why is Kultilda Woods, the woman behind Golf’s Golden (although tarnished) Boy? All of the Tiger Woods updates seem to bring more and more bad news, and this week it was announced that Elin Nordegren Woods – the former Swedish model and mother of Tiger’s two cubs – has had enough.  Word is she may file for divorce in California. If that’s the case, she could get half of Tiger’s estate.

Kultilda is said to have grown to like her daughter in law – and adores her grandchildren just as any grandparent does.  The fact that her late husband was unfaithful to her doesn’t help anything either. Seeing her son hurt his family makes her angry.  She still loves her son and will support him, but for now that’s all.

Charles Barkley and Kim Kardashian opened up about the Tiger Woods scandal, although they don’t see eye to eye.  In fact, Barkley called Kardashian a “loser.”

That being said, Barkley claims he no longer has Tiger’s phone number and that the golfer has cut all ties with former friends.  This comes at a time when a photo of alleged mistress Jamie Jungers with Charles Barkley has circulated.

As for Kim Kardashian, she doesn’t have advice for the golfer and his wife. She does seem very compassionate and non-judgemental towards the golfer and his scandal.

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