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Carrie Prejean Tapes: 8 Carrie Prejean Sex Tapes Drumming Up Controversy

Carrie Prejean tapes include sex acts. The tapes were made by Carrie Prejean for her boyfriend at the time.  There are 8 Carrie Prejean sex tapes, including the solo performance uncovered during the Miss California pageant lawsuit that started the whole controversy.

The first Carrie Prejean sex tape was the “biggest mistake” of the young woman’s life, if you believe what she told reporters.  Again, Carrie Prejean told reporters that she was “only 17″ when the tapes were made.  Again, Ms. Prejean got caught in a lie when an ex-boyfriend surfaced and told reporters that she was over 18 and that there are several sex tapes available.

Now Carrie Prejean is the center of an Internet buzz, and if she’s truly the conservative Christian she says she is, chances are she’s not happy about it.

But is she? Carrie Prejean recently released her book “Still Standing”, and the extra press could make the book a hit with those obsessing over all things Prejean. We haven’t heard a peep from the fallen beauty queen, and you almost have to wonder “why?”

What do these 8 Carrie Prejean tapes show? Is Carrie Prejean a freak? What kind of “extracurricular activities” does she participate in?  The suspense is killing the world – we just want to see the Carrie Prejean sex tapes.

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