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Al Roker Speidi Interview

I recently happened to catch Al Rocker on TV and its quite obvious that the fellow (Al Roker) cannot stand the sight of Speidi.

Speidi is actually the combination of two words in case you did not know. Its formed by using Spencer and Heidi Pratt. So Al Rocker came on TV and during the interview he spilled the beans. All this happened on the Monday’s Today Show.

So that you know my perspective, this is nothing but a media generated buzz to entice users into watching their shows, being in the limelight etc.

Look at how Davis Letterman and Sarah Palin slugging it out in the media. In the end, Dave gets all the eyeballs and people are not going to look back fondly at Sarah Palin. She should have stayed out of the controversy.

Check out the pic below.

Al Roker Speidi Interview

speidi roker Al Roker Speidi Interview

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