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Argan Oil Tips For The Summer Season

Summer is finally here and many of us on the East Coast are rejoicing. It is finally that time of the year when you gather with your friends and family by the pool side or around the grill and partake in chilled libations and charcoal cooked red meat. Nothing is more American than this activity.

However it also that time of the year when the sun rays are the harshest. If you try to beat the heat lounging in a swimming pool, you are in close contact with chlorinated and chemical mixed water.

In all this fun and frolicking, your body is undergoing some harsh rigors of its own. From your hair getting dried and sapped by the sun, to your skin and body trying to fight off the chemicals in the water.

You have worked hard caring for your skin and hair through the year and now is not the time to throw it all away by neglecting it. This is the time when you need to be on your guard and keep the eye on the ball.

When you pack that bottle of suntan lotion in your beach bag, don’t forget to throw in a bottle of pure organic argan oil. You body cannot thank you enough when you apply argan oil to your hair and skin before you go skinny dipping. Pure argan oil has plenty of Vitamin E that helps heal, protect, and rejuvenate your hair.

Go instantly from dry coarse hair to smooth healthy hair with natural radiance and bounce.

For additional summer time tips on using argan oil, check out

These are practical solutions. If you want to beat the heat and sun exposure by being a nerd, you are more than welcome to wrap yourself in a towel and wear your giant straw hat.

But if you want to be smart and prudent about your hair and skin care regiment, make sure you use argan oil.

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