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Acne Attach and your Winning Counter Attack

Argan Oil Benefits Face Ance

Argan Oil Can Make You Glow

Argan oil is the new miracle oil that is gaining an ardent fan following by the thousands every day. The amazing qualities of this oil including the high content of vitamin E in this makes it the right choice for millions who want to protect, heal and rejuvenate not only their hair, but also their skin and various ailments that they have.

A very popular question that I get everywhere I go is whether Argan oil can help treat acne. There is no easy answer but I will try and give it my best shot.

In a nutshell, yes. To elaborate on this, it depends on the acne and what kind of argan oil you are considering. Keep in mind that not all argan oil is the same. Due to its recent popularity, many new entrants have jumped in to make a quick profit so you  need to make sure you go with a trusted and reliable player.

Arzoyi is one of the most trusted brand names for Organic Argan oil in the market. From harvesting to packaging, from bottling to customer service, they are on top of their game. But not only that, they give a portion of the proceeds from every sale to a non profit that is helping women and children get much needed nutritional vitamins.

Whether argan oil can help acne also depends on the kind of acne one is looking to treat.

The severity of your acne should not be too high. Anything from mild to moderate, your skin needs to get used to the oil and the amount you use should be very little.

Argan oil Hair Face Moroccan Organic

Natasha Alam uses Arzoyi Argan oil

Start with a few drops, no more than 1-2 drops for your entire face. Also, keep in mind that application will change depending on the climate it is.

For climates that are cold, you can go ahead and increase the amount but do it gradually so as to give your skin time to get used to the product.

For hotter climates, you should use no more than a few drops at a time.

It is important that you record the progress of your application of argan oil on your face. Some people get clear with argan oil right away and acne shows a negative trends while for others, they experience bumps or increased blackheads.

Thats why it is extremely important that you keep track of the regimen and continue based on the results that you see over a period of time.

Same goes for oily skin. Typically if your skin is oily, once would think that they do not need to apply any more oil but keep in mind that it is the Vitamin E in the argan oil that is playing the crucial role here. It is the nutritional elements and fatty acids that nourish and rejuvenate the skin. That work hard to ensure you get a smooth skin and fight aging with a strong arsenal.

Below I am going to summarize how Argan oil helps fight Acne

One way is to use chemicals and artificial products. A better way in my opinion is to use organic, natural and pure products like argan oil which ideally should be your go to products to fight acne. When argan oil is used on a daily basis, your skin is nourished and mild to moderate acne will go away.


Argan oil is inherently rich in fatty acids, vitamin E and antioxidants. All of these help immensely with preventing cell

Argan oil Hair Face

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oxidation and resulting skin issues. Vitamin E is the most significant antioxidant in organic argan oil. At the same time, another great positive in my opinion is that vitamin E naturally decreases skin inflammation caused by acne.


While traditional factory made scrubs harshly strip away dead skin cells, linoleic acid prevents excess dead skin cells to begin with. This is an essential fatty acid that nature has bestowed within the kernels of the argan fruit. With daily use, linoleic acid encourages healthy skin cell turnover to prevent clogged & dead hair follicles.


Oleic acid encourages and rejuvenates body levels for sebum production. If you have rough skin that needs to be moisturized, then argan oil can help by enabling additional natural oils that won’t end up clogging your pores. On the other hand, oleic acid in argan oil can help keep extra sebum at bay in oily skin types. Talk about a double whammy.

Acne Cleansing Routines with Argan Oil

Argan oil is the best complement to a daily nightly cleansing regiment. Hear me out.

  • Wash the affected area two times a day with a natural cleanser that does not contain parabens and synthetic materials.
  • Most definitely do away with products that contain cleansing beads as this can exacerbate your acne issues.
  • Pat yourself dry. But do it softly as excessive hard drying will end up irritating acne and also make the skin lose its natural oils.
  • Apply few drops of organic pure argan oil.
  • Massage gently into the affected area until the oil is completely absorbed.
  • Repeat the process daily for two times a day.
  • Do note that acne is mostly found to occur on face but if you have it in other areas, repeat the above process where you have acne.

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