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Organic and Natural Argan Oil

Argan Oil Benefits

Argan Oil in our humble opinion is the best natural moisturizer that exists out there. I have been personally using argan oil for quite some time and I am quite happy to say that I have not been disappointed yet. Below are some tips on how to make this mother nature’s beauty product in your daily life.

  • Hair: Argan oil is your best friend when it comes to resolving frizzy ends, to include moisture to your arid hair as well as add a little shine. After shower, when the hair is still damp, apply to your complete hair or apply just to your dry ends after your hair is dry.
  • Scalp: If you have been at your wits end dealing with with dry scalp, Argan oil is the best remedy for you. Again, the procedure involves applying some argan oil to a cotton ball and dab your scalp with the oil. If you do this before you go to sleep, you’ll give the oil enough time to moisturize your scalp before your next shower.
  • Face: It might seem out of the ordinary to apply an oil to your face directly but trust us on this. Also, if you have finicky skin, but we have been doing just that and our skin is completely turning around. It’s smooth, clear and radiant, all thanks to using argan oil as our daily morning moisturizer.
  • We have found that the best resource for Organic Argan Oil is Arzoyi.
  • Body: You can even utilize the argan oil for a full body moisturizer, applying just as you would a body lotion or cream. Apply the oil right after you get out of your shower for best moisturizing results.
  • Hands: Argan oil is a great oil to use on your hands, especially on your cuticles and on your nails if they are prone to cracking and peeling.

If there is a specific way you use Argan oil and it has worked wonders for you, we would love to hear from you below.

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